Amazing Son-in-law 2896 Charlie

  This was exactly what Charlie had taught him.

In Charlie's words, this move is called "the return of the curse".

You're questioning me? Fine, then I will directly question you in turn.

You accuse me of having bad security here, and I will in turn vaguely say that you might have been targeted, and as for who targeted you, you can think for yourself if you have ghosts in your heart.

And the funny thing is, even going into Mai's room to steal something, it was Cameron who took a live video feed from his phone to show Charlie, who selected this compass.

Sure enough!

Mai was instantly caught off guard by Cameron's rhetorical question.

He also found the matter very strange.

Why did he steal it from himself?

Why did he choose to steal his own family's compass?

Who would take an old compass of unknown age and value if they didn't know what they were doing and would choose to take cash?

Thinking of this, the first person who came to Mai's mind was surprisingly Xuan Fengnian.

He doubted that it could be Xuan Fengnian who had secretly stolen his ancestral compass?

This Xuan, surnamed Xuan, was originally ......

He was not good at feng shui secret arts, so he might have set his eyes on his family's ancestral compass in order to make up for his shortcomings in this area!

Thinking of this, Mai did not dare to question Xuan Fengnian directly, so he could only hope for the police, so he hurriedly asked Cameron: "May I ask how long it will take for the police to arrive?

Cameron looked at the time and said, ''I guess three minutes at most, you can wait a bit longer.


Mai could only nod his head in agreement.

Three minutes later, an imposing young man stepped into his room.