Amazing Son-in-law 2893 Charlie

  When Cameron received the message, he immediately replied, "Young master, do you want me to find this person's photo and send someone out to search around for clues about him?"

"Don't!" Charlie hurriedly instructed: "This person is very dangerous, your men are definitely not his opponent, even those experts of the He family may not be his opponent.

Cameron hurriedly asked him, "Young master, last night you asked us to track down the pair of grandparents and grandsons who went to Phoenix Mountain, and the strange death of the security guard at Phoenix Mountain Cemetery this morning should be related to this person, right?!"

"Right." Charlie replied, "So you

Don't tell anyone else, just check out the clues for me, don't let the wind out and let others go out to find him, that will only send them to their death.

"I know young master!

In the span of one - breakfast, Cameron had gotten Xuan Fengnian's immigration records.

The information, which included Xuan Fengnian's ......

Passport information, electronic photos, and the surveillance video left at customs when Xuan Fengnian entered the country.

However, according to him, there was no record of this Xuan Fengnian staying in a hotel inside the entire hotel system in Aurous Hill.

This meant that this person had not stayed in a hotel in Aurous Hill, so it was impossible to pinpoint his current whereabouts.

With this in mind, Charlie made up his mind to go directly to Buckingham Palace and meet with this Mai.

If he cooperated honestly, he would let his grandchildren leave China alive on the grounds that he had not done much evil and had not helped the evil-doers.

But if they dare to help Xuan Fengnian hurt anyone in Aurous Hill, then the two of them will never return to America in their lives!

Because of the rumours of ghosts, Charlie didn't let Claire drive himself to work, instead he drove Claire there.

Claire originally did not want to bother Charlie, but after all, Elaine had given the word, so she did not dare Object.

It had to be said that since Elaine had suffered some big losses and fallen for some evil tricks, she was indeed a better person than before and knew to care about Claire's safety.

Charlie dropped her off at the hotel under construction by the Emgrand Group, where construction was in full swing and thousands of workers were here, so I thought there would not be any safety problems.

When Claire was about to get out of the car, Charlie spoke up and reminded: "Wife, don't go home from work alone at night, when you are almost done, give me a call, I will drive over to pick you up.

Claire nodded and said somewhat apologetically, "Then I might be late today.

"It's okay." Charlie smiled faintly: "I'll pick you up no matter how late it is, remember to call me in advance so that you don't have to wait for me.

"Okay!" Claire smiled sweetly, "I'll get off first then!

After saying goodbye to Claire, Charlie drove straight to Buckingham