Amazing Son-in-law 2890 Charlie

  ''I have met this man a few times, and I have also discussed with him over wine and the past and present, so I know him better. This man is powerful in that he is not only proficient in the secret art of feng shui, but also in the metaphysical art of compulsion, and he is very capable!

"The most important thing is that he is not only proficient in feng shui secret arts, I Ching and Bagua, but also in compulsion and surrender techniques.

Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) said this and then added: "That Xuan Feng Nian probably came under Ma Jia Hui's tutelage more than thirty years ago, and I even met him thirty years ago when I went to Hong Kong to pay a visit to Ma Jia Hui.

"Oh?" Charlie pursued with great curiosity, "Since this Ma Jiahui is notorious, how could Xuan Fengnian, as his disciple, be notorious?

Lai(Exoer) explained: "Ma Jiahui's talent was unparalleled in the world back then, and I have spent my life studying I Ching and Bagua and the secret art of Feng Shui, but I can only match his attainments in this area. Up and down.

In addition to the I Ching, Bagua and Feng Shui techniques, he was also proficient in a number of mystical arts, both good and evil, and his overall attainment was far superior to mine!

"So, if it wasn't for his unparalleled talent, no one could have learnt all of Ma Jiahui's skills.

"That's why his three true disciples at the time all had their own focus.

Some focused on the secret art of feng shui, others on the science of mathematics, while Xuan Fengnian focused on raising compulsions and surrendering heads. 

'In the field of metaphysics, compulsion surrender is called evil art, that is, the evil way, of which compulsions are the most insidious.

When Ma Jiahui was alive, Xuan Fengnian was still able to suppress his inner evil thoughts and not come out to do evil, but after Ma Jiahui's death, this person completely let himself go and became an accomplice of the rich people, maiming many enemies and competitors for the rich people, so he has long been infamous.

Charlie frowned, smacked his lips and asked: "Old Mr. Lai(Exoer), I wonder how this person is related to Ma Jiahui's sect, as well as Ma Jiahui's other two true disciples? I wonder if I will kill him and end up stirring up a hornet's nest and causing a bunch of annoyance?

Lai(Exoer) said truthfully, "Although Ma Jiahui was a great talent, he had no descendants in his life, and after he stopped asking questions in his later years, the sect lost its backbone and gradually fell apart, otherwise Xuan Fengnian would not have left Hong Kong and gone to England.

As to how his other two true disciples are related to Xuan Fengnian, to be honest I'm not too sure, because the feng shui masters in Hong Kong in the later years were used by the big giants and helped the tigers, so their nature and reputation are generally not too good, so you should be more careful, young master wade.

I remember his other two true disciples, one named Huo Zhengying and the other named Yu Jinghai.

"Yu Jinghai? !"

Charlie's pupils suddenly shrank as he thought to himself.

"I never thought Ah that Hong Kong metaphysical master Yu Jinghai, who was killed by himself with lightning, was actually Xuan Fengnian's master brother! There is really something!

Lai Qing Hua(Exoer), who was far away across the ocean, did not know the change in Charlie's expression at this moment.

He instructed over the phone, "Young Master wade, you must be careful of that Xuan Fengnian, and also keep an eye on your surroundings to see if there are any people named Huo Zhengying and Yu Jinghai around.

Charlie hurriedly thanked him and said, "Thank you, Mr. Lai, I will definitely be more careful.

The first year, he drank his blood and grew up, but the rest of his life, he ate the brains of living people for food.

When Charlie heard this, a cold aura flashed across his eyes!

This Xuan Fengnian, the parasite he raised actually relied on eating human brains raw for food, it was simply harmful to heaven and earth!

So, he said, "Don't worry, Mr. Lai, the day this Xuan Fengnian meets me is the day his evil deeds will end! I will definitely leave him and his parasites in the Golden