Amazing Son-in-law 2881 Charlie

  After sending He(Hank)'s father and daughter home, Charlie had the business car go to Buckingham Palace.

Xion had been waiting here for her mother, He Yingxiu, and had been waiting all night long and was impatient.

When the car arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Charlie said to Cameron: "Old Cameron, you can take Ms. He up, I won't go up.

He Yingxiu asked: "Master wade is not going up to sit down?

Charlie smiled and said, "No, it's late, I'll go straight home."

He Yingxiu nodded, then said, "That's good, it's hard for Master wade to make a special trip to see me off, if there are any subsequent matters, Master wade can call me directly!

The first thing I want to do is to give you the money you need for the rest of the pills, and I will give it to you in a few days.

He Yingxiu was busy saying, "No hurry, Master wade, it was agreed that it would be a year's reward, but we have only just come here, you don't need to honour all the year's promise so quickly.

"It's not in the way." Charlie smiled faintly and said, "Ms. He go up quickly, I guess Xion is waiting for you very anxiously.

He Yingxiu nodded slightly, then said, "Charlie ......I'll go up first, then".

Cameron also helped He Yingxiu open the rear electric door at this time, so He Yingxiu stepped out of the car and went into the hotel with Cameron.

Charlie was just about to instruct the driver to drive to Townsend I. Suddenly, through the car window, he saw an old man and a young man coming out of the hotel, and was surprised to find that these two grandchildren were the same two people he had seen at Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics before.

At that time, Charlie guessed that the two should be feng shui masters, and that the probability was that they had come for himself, but these two seemed to have no malice, so Charlie did not lay hands on them both in advance.

But unexpectedly, these two people were living in Buckingham Palace.

Charlie instructed his driver to drive while he called Cameron and ordered: "Old Cameron, two men came out of your hotel just now, one old and one young, the old one is estimated to be nearly 100 years old, the young one looks to be in his twenties, you can help me see if they are staying at Buckingham Palace, if so, check their check-in information and give me feedback.

Cameron immediately spoke up:" Okay young master, I'll arrange it.

When Charlie got off the bus in front of the main gate of Townsend I, Cameron sent him a voice message on WeChat.


"Young master, I just checked, the old man and the young man are indeed staying at Buckingham Palace, the older one is called Mai Chengxing and the younger one is called Mike, both of them are registered to stay with American passports.

From the United States?

Charlie's eyebrows slightly

frowned and replied to him:"

It just so happens that the He family came

Tell Master He to send two quick-witted men to keep an eye on them and report to me at the first opportunity if there is any movement.

"Yes, young master.

Charlie didn't know exactly what the origin of the Mai Chengxing from America was, but he felt that this person also seemed to be from the school of feng shui secret arts, so he thought of the feng shui master he had known on Mount Ye Ling, Lai Qing Hua(Exeor).

However, when the two met, although they met at first sight, they were gentleman's friends like water, and neither of them left the other's contact information.

So, Charlie called his grandfather's place.

At the beginning, Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) had been invited by him to re-pick the ancestral graves for the wade family, so he must have had Lai Qing Hua's contact information.

At this moment, when Lord wade received Charlie's call, he couldn't help but be a little surprised and said with a smile, "Charlie, why did you want to call me, an old man?