Amazing Son-in-law 2875 Charlie

 And while Charlie and the crowd were having a drink at the Tian Xiang House, Zara held her brief launch online.

The format of the launch was to live-stream the entire event through online media, and the venue for Zara's live-stream was chosen to be in the ancient study of the Du(Thorne) family's old mansion.

Originally, everyone thought that she would definitely launch a public condemnation of Lord Thorne at the launch.

But to everyone's surprise, Zara was very calm and non-aggressive throughout.

As soon as the conference started, Zara stood up and said to the camera, "Hello, I am Su Zara. I have been grateful for everyone's concern during this period of time, and I am holding this conference to tell all my friends who care about me and my mother that my mother, Ms Deana, and I have now returned to our normal family life, and we are in very good health. "

After that, she spoke again: "Neither my mother nor I are any public figures, so I would like to apologize to the whole country for myself, and my mother, for taking up so many public resources. Fee.

She then gave a brief account of what happened to her and her mother during the accident.

She didn't hide or gloss over it too much, saying that a life-saver had taken her and her mother out of the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel and provided them with professional treatment, and that after they had recovered, they had officially returned to Aurous Hill.

Some people were curious to know the identity of this saviour, but Zara declared to the public that she did not know the real identity of the saviour either. In addition, she had promised the saviour that she would not release any details about him to the public.

As for some people asking her whether she would hold her grandfather Lord Banks responsible, Zara's answer was also very ambiguous: "This issue, I do not want to respond for the time being."

After all, with the attention and sympathy of the whole nation, Zara could easily push the culprit, Lord Banks, into the abyss.

It was as if the whole nation had used their support to help Zara build an indestructible gun, which could definitely give Lord Banks a huge killing blow as long as Zara pulled the trigger.

However, no one expected that Zara, with his hand on the trigger, would choose to give up in the end! 

Many people were disappointed, but of course there were also many who could understand Zara.

There are times when both the heart and the back of the hand are flesh. Since both she and her mother are safe and sound, it would be better to make light of the big issues for the sake of kinship.

Charlie received the news push while he was drinking.

When he clicked on it and took a look, even the news writers expressed their strong disappointment.

They said that Zara had given up the chance to seek justice for herself and her mother.

Of course, some netizens felt that there must be a conspiracy in all this, that Lord Banks à must have used some method to force Zara's hand.

However, because Zara herself had not explicitly spoken out, there were a variety of similar comments, as well as other opinions, and no one could prevail.

However, Charlie knew very well in his heart.

Zara was a girl who was extremely intelligent and had an exceedingly resolute character.

If she had taken the initiative to give up this opportunity, it was by no means that she was afraid of Lord Banks.

It must be that she had borrowed this opportunity from Lord Banks and exchanged it for some other compensation.

Cameron, who was sitting beside Charlie, also received this news tweet