Amazing Son-in-law 2872 Charlie

 "Good." Charlie smiled and nodded, and then he was busy saying: "Oops, almost forgot the main thing!

He said, he pointed to He Yuanjiang(Hank), said to Lord He: "Master He, this is my mother's classmate and good friend, Professor He Yuanjiang(Hank), next to this beautiful woman is Professor He's daughter, He Zhiqiu(Ziva), in the future you and they live in the same neighborhood, if there is anything you need to help your side, please take care of!

Lord He did not hesitate to say: "Master wade don't worry, in the future Professor He and Miss He have any matter, you can come to me at any time!

He Yuanjiang(Hank) was still a bit puzzled in his heart, how did Charlie let an old man who was almost old enough to be his father, to take care of protecting himself and his daughter?

However, he also knew that Charlie magical powers, such an arrangement must have his intention, so he said very politely: "He Lao(Lord He), I'm grateful to you for taking care of me in the future!

Lord He arched his hand and laughed: "Professor He doesn't have to be so polite, we are all friends in the future, and it is only natural to help each other.

He Yuanjiang(Hank) felt that Lord He, the old man seems a bit unusual, talking is a kind of jianghu air, and although not young, but really look a few master style, think should not be ordinary people.

Is thinking, Charlie at this time opened his mouth to introduce: "Uncle He, Master He The Northeast He family is the head of the Northeast He family, is one of the four major martial arts families in China, the future He Laozi and He family experts are living here, you and Zhiqiu(Ziva)'s safety must have a great guarantee.

He Yuanjiang(Hank) heard these words, his expression suddenly a moment of horror, and then respectfully said: "He Lao, did not expect you are actually a martial artist, really respectful respect!

Lord He faint - smile, said modestly: "Professor He(Hank) don't be so polite, we are just some gun dancing crude people, or you do the most respectable learning!

Charlie helplessly shook his head, laughed: "You two do not here commercial mutual blow, the future are neighbors, there are plenty of opportunities to drink and talk.

Lord He laughed and said: "Well, since Master wade has said so, some day when we have a drink, Master wade must come to support.

Charlie laughed:" Since this is the case, then why don't I make arrangements for the evening, just in time for you and Ms. He to have a casual meal and a drink together.

Lord He said: "If Master wade has arrangements tonight, we can do it some other time."

Charlie laughed: "Actually, it's not a big deal, it's just going home for dinner, but my wife has been busy with the project lately, so she's not going home to eat tonight.

After saying that, he asked He Yuanjiang(Hank) as well as He Zhiqiu(Ziva): "Uncle He(Hank), are you and Zhiqiu(Ziva) free tonight?"

"No problem!" Before He Yuanjiang(Hank) could say anything, He Zhiqiu(Ziva), who was at the side, hurriedly opened her mouth and answered.

She knew that her father had made a pot of pig's foot soup at home today and was going to cook noodles for herself to eat in the evening, and it was her own initiative because her favorite thing as a child was her father's pig's foot noodles.

But since Charlie wants to invite himself and his father to go over for dinner together, then of course he still wants to eat with Charlie in his heart, in case his father - at this time - opens his mouth to solve the problem, then is not the hope to fall short?

He Yuanjiang(Hank) - listened to his daughter so quickly grabbed the promise down, surprised at the same time, the heart also can not help but have; some sour.

He also just learned two days before that his daughter's sexual orientation was actually normal.

Also at that time, he realized that his daughter should have some feelings for Charlie.

He also lamented at that time, Charlie has been married after all, the two can only be said to be destined to have no separation.

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But now, looking at his daughter's shy look, it seems that she is really moved by Charlie.

When he thought of this, he couldn't help but sigh in his heart: 'Hey, my daughter is so moved that the pig's feet noodles that my father had prepared all afternoon were just left behind.