Amazing Son-in-law 2869 Charlie

  Charlie also did not expect that Lord He would simply want to take out the He family's suppressed internal martial art in one face-to-face and in two or three sentences.

Moreover, from what he knew about Xion, Xion would definitely not immediately reveal in advance that she would possibly give the He family a complete internal martial art just because she gave her a mobile phone.

So, one could tell that Lord He, as a person, not only had a grateful heart, but was also really able to make trade-offs.

This is a very rare thing.

As China has come a long way from feudal society, countless folk skills have eventually been lost, and the reason for this is simply that many people who have mastered the skills are so shabby that they are unwilling to pass them on to outsiders to start a new branch, even if they take the skill to their graves.

To some extent, this has indeed cost the traditional folk culture and skills a great deal over the thousands of years of development.

It is like the internal martial art that the old ancestor of the He family obtained by chance, if its previous owner had been able to branch it out, it would not have turned out to be a scrap of scroll instead in the end.

So, based on this ...... from the old master

The first impression Charlie had of him was very good.

So, Charlie arched his hand at him and said seriously, "With these words from Master He, I can rest assured about this matter, I hope that in the future Master He can train more personal experts for me, I also have some retired special soldiers on my side who are good at hot weapons, they have strong expertise in hot weapons, in sneaking and in tracking, at that time if you all in the He family are interested, you also can learn more about it, combining tradition with modernity in order to achieve a stronger fighting force."

Upon hearing this, Elder He said excitedly, "That's really great! We actually had this idea a long time ago and mentioned it to the Banks family's family members at the time, but the Banks family head was very afraid that we would grasp too much of automatic weapons as well as modern scientific equipment and never allowed us to touch them, so we never found the right opportunity either."

Modern weapons were extremely strictly controlled.

Although the Banks family as well as the wade family's bodyguards all had top special soldiers who had retired down, the piece of weaponry was still very sensitive indeed, and it was impossible to solve it without extremely strong abilities. ......

Although the He family was a top martial arts family, they could not manage to give modern weapons training to their family members with much fanfare, and without external support, it would indeed be difficult to achieve.

But on Charlie's side, it was good to say that after all, Cameron himself had a certain amount of energy and could solve the problem of modern weapons to a certain extent.

If he couldn't, he could send the people directly to him for a period of closed training, and he might even have the chance to participate in actual combat to sharpen his skills, so he could definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

Thinking of this, Charlie then said to Elder He: "I will let Old Cameron arrange this matter and implement it as soon as possible."

After saying that, he turned to Cameron and said, "Old Cameron, try to get a piece of land in the outskirts of Aurous Hill, and we will build a closed training base."

Cameron immediately spoke, "Yes young master, I'll start choosing a site tomorrow!"

Charlie nodded and said to Old Master He, "Old Master, it's better to come in and take a look at the house first, if there's anything you're not satisfied with, you can bring it up