Amazing Son-in-law 2868 Charlie

  Once these words were spoken, the rest of the He family followed suit.

        Charlie nodded and said, "That's it for these trivial matters, let's talk about the serious matters."

        As he spoke, Charlie pointed to the large villa in front of him and said, "Master He, this villa is prepared by me for you, for your daily accommodation and cultivation, the house is large and has many rooms, the ground floor is open, enough for daily cultivation, if you need any equipment, you can mention it to Lao Chen when the time comes, let Lao Chen(One of Charlie's men) arrange someone to implement it for you. "

     Lord He said, "Master wade, you are really too kind, in fact, we can just stay in an ordinary dormitory, we don't have any requirements for living conditions."

        Charlie smiled, "I am not talking to the He family about cooperation in order to drain the value of the He family, so you have come all the way here, and I will not make you do this and that all day long."

        "In the future, you still need to have plenty of time to enjoy your lives, especially to continue your cultivation, if you are given a dormitory and not a venue for your cultivation, that would basically also kill your future growth."

        These words from Charlie moved the He family inwardly beyond measure.

        They hadn't been treated this well when they worked with the Banks family before.

        The Banks family, that is, had them on call 24 hours a day like servants at home.

        Even during sleeping hours, an order was given at any time and no matter what they were doing, they had to set off immediately.

        Moreover, even during normal times, there are no holidays, and most of them have their own protection targets, so they basically have to guard in the shadows during the day to do their security work, and have little time to strengthen their own training.

        Xion was originally one of the best seedlings of the He family's generation.

        But because she was Zayne's illegitimate daughter, and because Zayne needed a personal bodyguard, she started working as Zayne's bodyguard at the age of 18.

        In the past few years of being a bodyguard, her cultivation had almost stopped, simply because there was simply no time or space for her to cultivate properly.

        Therefore, Charlie prepared a villa for He's family, gave them time to cultivate on a daily basis, and also made it clear that they must continue to cultivate and improve themselves, which was indeed a world of difference from the Banks family.

        Charlie then added: "My two men, Old Cameron and Albert, each of them also have quite a few die-hard brothers in their hands, but these people have not been exposed to martial arts and their overall melee strength is relatively poor, so in the future, they will also need more help from Master He and all of you to spare some energy and help me give them a good training to improve. "

        Upon hearing this, Lord He said, almost without thinking, "Don't worry, Master wade! You have shown me and the He family a great deal of gratitude, so I will do this for you wholeheartedly! Although my family's internal martial arts are not quite complete, they are still very practical for those who are new to the profession, so I will pass on the family's internal martial arts to them and do my best to improve their strength!"

        When Lord He said this, all the other members of the He family, except for He Yingxiu, looked shocked.

        With these words, the old man was giving away the most precious and valuable thing of the He family!

        The He family's internal martial arts were the greatest reliance on which the He family had built its life for centuries!

        Giving it away like that would definitely have a huge impact on the He Family in the future.

        However, although everyone was worried, none of them dared to raise any significance.

        After all, after the eldest son, Chris, had led a defection, those remaining in the He family had followed Lord He to the death, and although they didn't quite understand what he was doing, they wouldn't have any disobedient intentions.

        He Yingxiu knew Charlie's strength and knew that whether the He family could go to the next level in the future all depended on Charlie, so the He family's internal martial arts were not worth mentioning in front of this.

        Moreover, this was also a way for her father to represent the He family and show Charlie his heart!