Amazing Son-in-law 2866 Charlie

  Immediately afterwards, Charlie sighed, "When I went to Japan before, I also fought with Japanese ninjas."

        "There were some Japanese ninjas who were similar to Chinese martial artists, still stuck in the era of physical combat as well as cold weapon attacks, but there was also a group of Japanese ninjas who were able to keep up with the times and integrate a lot of modern technology."

        "One point that impressed me was their use of a paraglider made of super black paint, with a silent lithium battery propulsion fan, flying fast through the air at night, not only fast, but impossible for ordinary people on the ground to notice, this is an organic combination of traditional ninja and modern technology, I think this is a way of thinking worth learning from. "

        Cameron immediately nodded and said excitedly, "Young master, I understand what you mean, that both sides should work together and come to each other to fill each other's shortcomings."

        "Right." Charlie said seriously, "You two, make sure to pick your most trusted men and let them follow the He family to practice martial arts, and when the time comes, I will give them some Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pills regularly to help them improve their strength quickly."

        The Scattered Blood Heart Saving Pill was not worth mentioning to Charlie, but for ordinary people, as well as martial artists, the boosting effect was very obvious.

        Charlie intended, when the time came, to first select forty or fifty people from Cameron and Albert's men who had potential and could be completely trusted, and let them practice martial arts while he himself then used some Dissipated Blood Heart Saving Pills to improve their physical quality as well as their strength.

        With forty or fifty people, it was not necessary to give each of them one Blood Dissipating Heart Saving Pill at a time.

        It was only necessary to dissolve four or five Blood Dissipating and Heart Saving Pills in water and let them take them evenly to get a good effect.

        In this way, every once in a while, they can use the Blood-Scattering Heart-Saving Pill to help them improve step by step, and I believe that in less than a year and a half, they will be able to reach the level of a two-star martial artist, or even a three-star martial artist.

        If I really had 40 to 50 three-star martial artists under my belt, I would definitely be a force to be reckoned with, and I could easily wipe out a ninja family in Japan.

        Moreover, he had a Xion by his side, who was now already the best of the three-star martial artists, and if he helped her again, she could soon become a four-star martial artist like Lord He.

        In the near future, Charlie would be able to make Xion surpass Lord He and become the only five-star martial artist in the country.

        In this way, he would put the newly trained team, as well as the martial artists sent by the He family, under the unified command of Xion, and with Xion's ability, he would be able to make the most of these people's abilities.

        Charlie used to be used to fighting alone, but after experiencing so many things, as well as meeting Hamid, he realised that even if he was strong in fighting alone, there would be times when he would be unable to split up.

        So now is the perfect opportunity for a complete change of mind!

        At that point, not only would it be a deterrent to Japan, but even if it were to be dropped remotely into Europe and America, combat power would not be a factor!

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        The Rothschild family is indeed very powerful, with countless hidden assets and private armies all over the world, but if they were to drop dozens of three-star martial artists who are skilled in using heat weapons, I'm afraid the Rothschild family couldn't afford it!