Amazing Son-in-law 2865 Charlie

  Hearing that Charlie was looking for him on an important matter, Albert immediately put down the work at hand and came to Buckingham Palace as fast as he could.

        In Cameron's office, as soon as Don Albert entered, he saw Charlie, so he hurried forward and asked respectfully, "Master wade, what do you want to see me about?"

        Charlie waved at him and smiled, "Come Albert, sit down and talk."

        After saying that, he also greeted Cameron, "Old Cameron, you sit down too."

        Cameron and Albert then sat next to each other across from Charlie.

        Immediately afterwards, Charlie spoke, "I have already reached a cooperation with the He family, and starting today, the He family will send ten of its top experts to Aurous Hill to be at my disposal at all times."

        Cameron said joyfully, "Young master, this is a good thing! Although we both have a lot of men at our disposal, our strength is indeed much inferior to that of martial artists, and sometimes we will not be able to help you, but will even hold you back."

        At this moment, what Cameron thought of was that time when he went to the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel with Charlie to rescue Zara as well as her mother Deana in an emergency.

        On that occasion, Charlie had leapt off the helicopter when it was still a dozen metres above the tunnel entrance in order to rush for time, but how could his men have such ability?

        Even though they immediately carried out an emergency rappel, they were almost a minute behind Charlie because the overall process of throwing the rope, checking, hooking and sliding down was missing, and by the time they chased him in, Charlie had already solved all the crises.

        On top of that, there was the time two days ago when he went to Syria to rescue Ziva, Charlie was able to infiltrate Hamid's heavily guarded base silently by parachuting in a way that was beyond normal human limits, and on that occasion, none of himself or his men were able to accompany Charlie and provide him with direct assistance.

        The reason why this kind of failure to keep up with the pace happened repeatedly was, at its root, too great a gap in strength.

        The difference between the strength of our gang and yours is indeed too great. You can definitely improve this awkward situation."

        Charlie waved his hand and smiled, "I am not really needing the He family to do anything for me when I talk to them about cooperation."

        As Charlie said, he added, "In fact, my intention is to divide these ten people from the He family between the two of you, so that they can complement your shortcomings, and also help you train a group of men and improve the overall strength of your men."

        Upon hearing this, Cameron became excited and blurted out, "Young master, if that's the case, that's really great! Although my men have all undergone the same high intensity military training as the special forces, they are still unable to break through the upper limit of ordinary people, and their own strength is indeed still a huge gap compared to martial artists."

        Charlie nodded and spoke, "The close combat strength of martial artists, especially the strength of physical combat, is indeed far superior to that of special soldiers, however, once special soldiers have thermal weapons to augment them, their overall strength is still far superior to that of martial artists, so this time, I intend to integrate the two properly and let the He family use martial arts to help you and Albert's men to bring their own abilities, their melee combat strength up, and then pair it with hot weapons, so that the overall strength will be more balanced."

        Saying that, Charlie added: "In addition, Old Cameron, your side's men who have undergone special forces training should in turn help the He family become familiar with thermal weapons as well as other advanced technology, this piece is their shortcoming, if they don't improve it, their overall combat power will still be greatly limited."