Amazing Son-in-law 2861 Charlie

 Charlie's hatred for the Banks family was only for those who were associated with the Anti-Leaf Alliance back then.

        Now, the ostensible head of the Anti-Leaf Alliance, Zayne, had been thrown into Syria by himself, and the ostensible number two, James, had also gone into Albert's dog farm.

        So right now, there was only one Lord Banks left as an enemy of the Banks family.

        According to the agreement between Charlie and Zara, Zara could voluntarily hand over Lord Banks in exchange for her father's return to China when she ascended to the position of Banks family head.

        If she could do that, then she would get Zayne back, but still make sure that Zayne stayed away from all the real power of the Banks family, forcing him to retire.

        In this way, both the Wade family and himself can put aside all old grudges with the Banks family and never cross the river from now on.

       Therefore, Charlie naturally hoped that Zara would be better and better by that time.

        Xion is also Zara's half-sister, and when the two sisters met last time, Charlie was there to see what was going on.

        He could be sure that Zara really had Xion as her sister in her heart.

        And Xion also had her as her sister in her heart.

        More importantly, the current Xion was no longer cruel and hostile, and she would definitely be able to do her best to follow Zara and protect her in the future.

        Charlie originally thought that his arrangement was very reasonable and very considerate of the two sisters.

        However, he never expected that Xion's eyes would immediately turn red when she heard his words.

        She looked at Charlie and choked up, "Mr. Wade ...... Xion's life was saved by you ...... Xion's cultivation level also broke through only with your help ...... You are Xion's greatest benefactor in this life, in the future Xion only wants to follow you and serve you to the best of her ability before and after, she does not want to return to the Banks family ......"

        Charlie explained, "I am also not asking you to return to the current Banks family, but after your sister has become the head of the Banks family, you can go back."

        Xion gambled and choked, "Then I won't go back either! Although my sister and I share half of the same blood, in the end, I don't owe her anything and don't want to stay by her side in the future ......"

        Speaking here, she subconsciously grabbed Charlie's hand and cried, "Sir wade, please don't drive Xion away in the future, okay?"

        Charlie said helplessly, "You are only in a sensitive position now, you can't return to your normal life immediately, that's why I keep you around, but in the future this matter will eventually pass, the hatred of the Japanese side of the child towards you will also gradually fade with the passage of time, or even be forgotten, at that time, you can have your own life again, why do you need to consume in my side What?"

        Xion said firmly, "I don't want a life of my own ...... I just want to stay by Sir Wade's side and saddle up ......"

        She said, wiping away her tears, and said with a slight puff of anger, "Mr. Wade, if you don't want Xion to follow you one day, Xion won't stalk you, then Xion will find a nunnery and become a nun and eat fasting and chanting for the rest of her life! You must not think that Xion is scaring you, Xion can swear on his life to the sky, if there is any half-hearted violation, the sky will beat five thunderbolts!"