Amazing Son-in-law 2855 Charlie

  In fact, it was from the Song Dynasty until the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty that the development of martial arts was at its relative peak.

After all, in an era dominated by cold weapons, kung fu was of great use, not only to defend the country but also to earn a living, so back then, apart from the scholars, the rest of the population wanted to become martial arts masters.

However, in the Qing Dynasty, foreign powers opened the gates of the country with guns and cannons, and all of a sudden, countless martial arts practitioners discovered that the skills they had trained hard all their lives were no match for even a gun or a cannon in the hands of foreigners.

At the time, many patriotic martial artists had a heart to serve their country, but their strength was not worth mentioning in the face of hot weapons.

One of the most lamentable incidents was when thousands of Boxers besieged a few hundred foreigners in Dongjiaominxiang Alley, but after 56 days of attack, they failed to enter.

After that, a large number of martial arts practitioners went from being obsessed with martial arts to being the biggest opponents of it, because they saw the huge difference and realised that a lifetime of hard work was no match for a single bullet.

Since then, the country has been in constant war and internal and external troubles, while the speed of weapons development has increased, widening the gap between martial arts and weapons.

So, since the Qing Dynasty, martial arts has been on a downward spiral and has not really re-emerged until now.

Originally, there were millions or even tens of millions of people practising martial arts in China with a population of 200-300 million, but now, with over a billion people, there are no more than a few hundred thousand martial artists in total.

Many internal martial arts techniques have been gradually lost during this period of time, to the extent that many martial artists now do not have a complete internal martial art to practise, which is a great sadness for the decline of martial arts.

However, the enthusiasm of martial artists nowadays is no less than that of their forefathers back then.

Take the He family for example, in fact, the He family had always longed to be able to fill in the missing set of internal martial arts of their own family, but unfortunately, they had never found any relevant clues.

To Charlie, the internal martial art was nothing remarkable.

There were many internal martial arts techniques recorded in The Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, and he did not even bother to practice these, as he had already completely exceeded the level of a martial artist, and such internal martial arts techniques were worthless to him.

However, if he were to take out just one of the internal martial arts from the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, I am afraid that it would make all the martial arts families in the world grab for it ......

The head is broken.

Interestingly, nowadays, the only one among the nation's martial artists who had mastered a complete internal martial art was instead Aurora, a young pepper who had just entered the profession and had no discipline or sect.

The Four Elephant Palm that she was now quietly practising was the one complete internal martial art that Charlie had retrieved from the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing.

Thus, Charlie opened his mouth and said to Xion, ''In the future, if the time is ripe, I can provide the He Family with a complete internal martial art, and at that time, it might be able to help the He Family go to the next level!

When Xion heard this, her entire body was shocked and equally excited.

She did not doubt that Charlie had a complete internal martial art, but she did not expect that Charlie would be willing to take it out and give it to the He Family.

Although Charlie had not said that he would give it immediately or definitely, Charlie had also said that he would give it when the time was right, which meant that as long as the time was right, Charlie was willing to take it out and give it to the He family.

Xion was very clear about how significant a complete internal martial art really was.

So when she heard this, she couldn't wait for the He family to become Wade's beloved and at the same time, to receive the internal martial arts from wade as soon as possible.