Amazing Son-in-law 2851 Charlie

  Hearing that Lord Banks had bluntly stated what was in her heart, Zara could not help but sigh in her heart, "Talking to wise people is a relief, everyone is a master who can nod in a word, saving a lot of beating around the bush."

So she stopped hiding her true motives and said, "You are right, I do want to get some compensation for me and my mother, and I think we deserve it.

She added, "By the way, it's not just me and my mother, it's also my father's share! I heard that he had disappeared, just like my second uncle, and that he had disappeared because he was working for the Banks family, so he deserved some compensation as well.

Lord Banks opened his mouth and asked her: "Zara, don't you know anything about your father's disappearance? It was in Aurous Hill that he disappeared, and I think that his disappearance has a very big connection with that benefactor of yours."

Zara denied, "I don't know exactly how my father disappeared, I only know that he came to Aurous Hill in order to help the Banks family to negotiate with the Japanese for cooperation."

Lord Banks sighed and said, "Your father did go to Aurous Hill to talk about cooperation, he was supposed to meet with Ito Yohiko of the Ito family, but even Ito Yohiko's..."

Before even meeting him face to face, he himself had already disappeared, and very closely, before he disappeared, he used his authority to transfer the family's $100 million to an unknown overseas account, and I suspected that he might have been kidnapped by someone.

Said Lord Banks and asked: "Do you really not know about this matter? Did you not ask that benefactor, or did he not tell you at all?"

Zara said blandly, "He didn't tell me, but I don't think he has any reason to target my dad, my dad has never offended him, and the danger my mum and I encountered this time has nothing to do with him.

When Lord Banks heard this, his face suddenly became ugly.

Zara said that Zayne had not offended that benefactor of hers because Zayne had not been involved in the matter of her and her mother being in danger, so isn't that a direct point to me with the words?"

Does that mean that I offended her benefactor by planning the assassination of Deana? Is he still planning to come against me?

Zara's words carried a vague threatening meaning, causing Lord Banks to have a headache.

However, he did not dare to directly offend Zara right now.

After all, he still fought ......

I would like to ease the relationship with Zara first, and then try to find out who the benefactor really is.

If he could give Xuan Fengnian some clues and let him use metaphysical means to finish him off, then he could solve this problem once and for all in the future.

So, his tone was immediately full of compromise and he lamented, "Zara, you are indeed right. I'm sorry for you and your mother. And it was for the sake of the Banks family that your father met an untimely end, so I do have to make amends

I really have to make it up to you," said Lord Banks, "Zara, whatever you want to make up for, just tell me, as long as I can do it, I will do it!

Originally, Zara did not want to make any deal with Lord Banks.

She didn't care about money, and it wasn't that easy for her to forgive Lord Banks for what he had done, not even for the rest of her life.

However, ever since Charlie had asked her to become the head of the Banks family in three years, she had shifted her thinking.

In the past, she had not argued, grabbed or stood out in the family, but now, she wanted a different approach.

So, she opened her mouth and asked Lord Banks: "The reason my father wants to meet with Ito Yohiko must be about the ocean shipping business, right?