Amazing Son-in-law 2848 Charlie

  However, Zara was clever in that she deliberately tried to be vague.

The phrase "something" immediately left a lot of room for the listener's imagination.

Fitz could not help but think a lot about it.

"What exactly is the matter that Zara is talking about? Could it be that she is really with the benefactor?!"

So he hurriedly said, "Look at you, you're still being so formal with me, if you two are really together, then in the future, Eunuch will be my brother-in-law, our father doesn't know where he is now, in case we can't find him when you two get married, then maybe I'll have to hand you over to Eunuch myself at the wedding. '


Zara said very seriously: ''Brother, if I am fortunate enough to step into the marriage hall with my benefactor like you said, then naturally I won't hide it from you, but now is not the time after all.

Realizing that his sister was unlikely to tell the specifics, Fitz sighed curtly: "In fact, it is very understandable that in literary themes since ancient times, heroes are indispensable in saving beauty, after all, which woman can withstand the shock of saving her life.

Zara followed his words, nodded and said with a smile: "Yes, you see I have been back from Japan, all day and night the soul is trying to find the benefactor, just the airport surveillance video almost looked blind In the end, the gift of saving a woman's life, indeed too deep in the marrow!

said, she could not help but feel: "God is still kind to me, I originally thought I could not meet the benefactor in this life, I did not expect, the benefactor can save me once again in Aurous Hill

Su ......

When Fitz heard this, he couldn't help but ask: 'By the way Zara, I've always been curious in my heart, is our benefactor a Chinese or a Japanese Chinese? Is it because he was in Aurous Hill when he saved your life, or has he been quietly watching you?

Fitz asked this question because he wanted to get more information about his benefactor, if he was originally from Aurous Hill, that would narrow it down a lot at once.

But she pretended to be blushing and shy, and said shyly, "Brother, I can't tell you this, so why don't you guess for yourself?

Fitz thought: "You have become so shy all of a sudden, with the look of a young girl in love, do I still need to guess?

"I don't know why that benefactor appeared in Kyoto last time and this time in Aurous Hill, so this time he's here for Zara.

"Yes! The timing is also right. Yes! It was only after she followed her mother to Aurous Hill and stayed there for a few days that something happened.

"Otherwise, it would not have been possible for your father to save Zara in such a short time.'

Thinking of this, Fitz's heart became even more panicked.

Originally, both he and his grandfather were worried that this launch would deal an even more fatal blow to the old man's personal reputation.

But now, it seemed that the "benefactor" who was hiding in the shadows, yet was so powerful, was the real danger to be wary of!

So, Fitz sighed and said, "Ai , if the matter between you and your benefactor can be repaired, I, as a brother, am ten thousand times happy for you, as for grandfather's side, I can't advise you much more, but I still suggest you think twice before you do it, there is still some time before the launch, you should think -think about it again."

Zara knew that when her brother said this, this was to terminate this conversation for the time being.

Most likely, he was planning to hurry up and report the situation to the old man.

After all, he had just brought out his benefactor and released another smoke bomb, and now his brother must have been bluffed and his cognition carried away by himself.

This, in fact, was Zara's purpose.

She knew that she was not capable of doing anything, let alone powerful, so she could only bring up the banner of her benefactor to falsely claim power.

Although she was somewhat ashamed of herself, it was a good thing that she was only pretending to be a tiger and did not reveal any information about her benefactor to the public.

So, she said to Fitz, "Brother, you should not get involved in this matter, let me grasp it myself.

Fitz saw Zara's resolute attitude, so he did not persuade her any more. He intended to first report the important information he had just found out to the old man and see what his attitude was.

He did not say anything to death, but sighed: "You should think about it on your own first, if you have any ideas, you can also talk to me, I will not go to the arena today, go to my room to lie down for a while.


Zara sent Fitz out of the room, as soon as the door closed, her expression instantly became very cold, while Fitz, who could no longer suppress the worry inside, rushed back to his