Amazing Son-in-law 2846 Charlie

Fitz had a big headache.

He knew that in fact Zara originally had little influence.

This was because the Banks family had always kept the personal information of their offspring very well hidden.

The outside world had no idea what the names of the Banks family's descendants were, and naturally, they had no idea who Fitz or Zara were.

But the current Fitz is indeed different.

The Forbidden Mountain Tunnel crash in Aurous Hill has been dubbed the "Princess Diana of China", and the video of the mastermind's confession has been made public before.

You know, Europe's population is only about half of China's, but Princess Diana's affair had a profound impact, while China has almost twice the population of Europe, so of course Deana and Zara's affair had a profound impact.

These days, the internet is becoming more and more developed, and people are increasingly thirsty for all kinds of fairness and justice. Whenever there is a case that can trigger the indignation of ordinary people, even if the person involved is just an ordinary person, it will cause an uproar on the internet.

Whether it is an unscrupulous and vicious nanny or the beautiful accomplice of a murderer, all of these cases have sparked public outcry and condemnation.

What happened to Deana and Zara was not only of a bad nature, a waste of kinship, and dehumanising Sexuality, and also the involvement of enmity between top gentry, naturally the attention is beyond the ordinary.

Therefore, Fitz could almost conclude that once Zara launched a condemnation against the old man at the press conference and demanded that he turn himself in, there would definitely be countless people supporting him or even petitioning him.

Thinking of this, Fitz hesitated and said, "Zara, do you want to talk to grandpa?"

Zara frowned, "What should I talk to him about?"

Fitz said in a very serious manner, "Of course we should talk about compensation! You want to flip-flop with him now, but as an elder brother, I also have to remind you that if it really gets to the point of no return, even if you get the old man into jail, you won't get any substantial benefits."

"Moreover, before the old man goes to prison, he will definitely make good arrangements for the Banks family, but the arrangements will definitely exclude all of our family, by then, he is in prison, what will we do?"

"You are the eldest granddaughter of the Banks family, if you don't rip your face off with the Banks family, then you will still be the top rich second generation in the country, even those so-called famous rich second generation and famous female celebrities, when they see you, they all have to Bi Bi respectfully, as long as you have the aura of the Banks family, you will be able to marry the children and grandchildren of the top families in the future, even the European royal family will not be able to find any superiority in front of you."

"But once you draw the line with the Banks family, the aura you have disappears completely, what about your life, your marriage, your happiness in the future?"

"And you also have to think that just not having the Banks family halo would be fine, but if you turn against the Banks family, that would be really troublesome, who would dare to marry you in the future? Marrying you would be making an enemy of the Banks family!"

When Zara heard this, she suddenly smiled and spoke, "Brother, in this world, I don't care about any man other than my benefactor, whether he is the son of a top family or not, or whether he is the royal family of Europe, they are all worthless in my eyes!"

What Zara said was from her heart.

But it was also something she had deliberately said to Fitz.

Ever since she was sure that Fitz had completely fallen back on his ways, she had already started her plan, a plan that had only four words: to take advantage of a plan.

She knew that Fitz would definitely pass on her words to Lord Banks, once and for all.

That was her real goal.