Amazing Son-in-law 2845 Charlie

Zara's rebuke gave Fitz a double headache.

He couldn't help but question Zara in his mind, "Grandpa did try to kill mum yes, but doesn't she have any responsibility, mum?"

"As the daughter-in-law of the Banks family, she has that dead man surnamed wade on her mind all the time, and she even publicly went to bid for the mansion where the man surnamed wade lived back then, isn't this a waste of the Banks family's face?"

"Besides, we are all adults now, does it matter whether we hate or not? The Banks family has a trillion dollar family fortune, do we have to draw a line with him just because grandpa laid a vicious hand on mum?"

"To draw a line with him is the same as drawing a line with the Banks family's trillion dollar fortune, and in the end, we won't be the ones who lose out?"

"If we lose the right to inherit the Banks family's property, what will you and I do with our future lives?"

"Don't you forget, our surname is Banks, not Thorne(Du), do you still expect grandparents to give us a share of the inheritance?"

However, these words, Fitz could only spit out in his heart, he couldn't say it in front of his sister.

Because he knew very well in his heart 

If she said so directly, she would not only not listen, but would turn against her.

Thinking of this, Fitz was depressed in his heart and thought, "Hey, you are still more suitable for the name Fitz than me."

While thinking in his heart, Fitz's mouth echoed Zara's viewpoint with approval, nodding repeatedly, "Zara, you are right, this kind of thing, it is indeed unforgivable, not to mention you, I can't forgive either."

Zara didn't say anything, she knew that if her brother said that, there must be more to come.

As expected.

Fitz changed his tone and sighed, "But to be honest, we can't get any benefit from turning against Grandpa, nor can we bring him any substantial punishment."

After a pause, Fitz spread his hands, "Take what you just said about subjecting him to the law, it's simply not possible, the old man has always been cautious and there's never more than one firewall.

"As long as we don't have direct evidence, He could have said it was deliberate slander, and if he couldn't, he could have pushed a random person to take the blame!"

"Do you know how many scapegoats and scapegoats Banks Anshun has helped Grandpa raise? I can't even count them all! These are all the old man's firewalls!"

"If we didn't have the resources and connections of the Banks family, not to mention bringing down grandpa, we couldn't even bring down one Banks Anshun!"

Zara had been listening silently, and when Fitz had finished, he asked him rhetorically, "When did I say that I was going to take him down?"

Fitz also asked, "Then what are you trying to do?"

Zara said seriously, "If I accuse him, he may have many ways to evade sanctions, but you should know that if I don't accuse him, he doesn't even need to evade! What I want is justice! Justice on many fronts! Not just outcome justice, but process justice, procedural justice! I know that outcome justice is difficult, but procedural justice is within my reach, so I'm going to start by pressing charges against him today!