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   She was worried that Lord Banks would still not let her mother go in the future, so she decided to make the impact of this matter a little bigger - a little more.

In this way, the attention of the whole country would be drawn to this matter.

No one would dare to risk the attention of the whole country.

So, the bigger the matter became, the more passive Grandpa would act in the future, and the safer she and her mother would be.

So she approached her grandfather and offered to ask him to help contact the media, and she was going to hold a conference this evening about what had happened to her and her mother in the Golden Tunnel.

The media, the police and the whole country have been waiting for the whereabouts of Zara and Deana, and Banks believes that if the news is released, the conference will definitely generate huge attention.

For this reason, she had also contacted several of the country's hottest live video platforms through her friends.

This time, she planned to broadcast the event directly online.

Thus, various media, websites and news APPs, all quickly received news that the Thorne(Du) family had declared to the public that Deana and Zara, who had been missing for days, had returned safely to Aurous Hill, more More details will be announced to all the people at a conference tonight.

This news instantly swept up and down the country!

Hundreds of millions of people have been following the case, and many netizens have even been discussing all the possibilities about Zara and Deana on the net_.

Most of these people believed that the two of them, mother and daughter, must have been killed.

But a few still believe that miracles can happen and feel that God will definitely look after the poor mother and daughter.

Now, the dust has finally settled on the long-awaited incident!

It turns out that Deana and Zara are really still alive!

So, everyone began to eagerly await the live broadcast of the launch event in the evening.

Everyone wanted to see for themselves that the mother and daughter were safe and sound!

The news that Zara was going to hold a launch party reached Lord Bank's ears, and it immediately scared him to death.

He guessed that Zara must hate himself in his heart, so he could predict that he would definitely be at Zara's launch party. He could predict that he would be a target at Zara's launch.

Although his reputation was already in shambles, he really didn't want to be targeted by the nation again

The people whipped up

There is a limit to how much mental capacity a person can have.

If only a few people scold themselves occasionally, most people can withstand it.

But if dozens of people scold them day in and day out, then a significant number of people will feel very stressed.

If tens of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of people were to call them names, even the thickest skinned person would not be able to withstand such pressure.

If resentment is also an energy field, the resentment Lord Banks carries, I'm afraid, could envelop half of China.

After a long time, this kind of torture has greatly sapped his fighting spirit and made him think several times: "F*ck you, why don't I just go to the Maldives and retire on an island, what do I care so much?

However, his desire for power is also strong, so these two forces are often at war in his mind, causing him a headache.

Today, Zara suddenly wanted to launch a campaign, which immediately made him anxious.

So, he called Fitz and asked, "Fitz, do you know what your sister is going to say at the press conference tonight?