Amazing Son-in-law 2841 Charlie

 Zayne was completely wilted.

Although he wanted to give Charlie an additional US$100 million to give himself at least a decent living condition, he no longer had that much money at his disposal.

Elder Banks had a very tight grip on the family's financial power, and although Zayne was the eldest son and also had a lot of real estate as well as various assets, he didn't really have much money at his disposal.

For the entire Banks family, the expenditure of funds basically goes through the family grant. It is fine to spend money, but the spending must be within the control of the family financial system.

Even if it is a few hundred million dollars to buy a plane, he is not reluctant to do so, but he must be informed and approved by him before he can spend the money. If the heir of the Banks family dares to spend money behind his back, or transfer the money granted by the family to his own coffers, he will certainly be severely punished by the family.

In order to consolidate the financial power, the family's finance team is completely under the command of Lord Banks alone, and every once in a while, they will audit the money spent by each of the Banks family's sons.

The $100 million that Zayne paid to Hamid, bypassing the old man, would have been a preemptive strike, and if he had engaged in the usual 

If he did such an operation, he would certainly be severely punished by the old man.

So Zayne also knew very well that after the first time, there was no way he would have the opportunity to repeat the same trick.

It was possible that the old man had already suspended his family's credit, and besides, he didn't even have a phone, so there was no way he could get the money to give to Charlie, so there was no other way but to hold back.

After greeting Zayne, Clark left in a hurry.

Zayne was left alone in this dilapidated courtyard.

It was warm and rainy in Syria in winter, and just as Zayne was at a loss for words, a heavy rain poured down on him.

He rushed back to his room and watched as the rain poured down outside, drenching the courtyard in mud and despair.

Although winter in Syria is relatively warm, when it rains, the temperature drops straight to about 10 degrees.

The dampness and coldness soon became too much for Zayne to bear, so he hurriedly rolled up his bedding and wrapped himself in his blanket to listen to the rain outside.

In his boredom, Zayne subconsciously looked up at the wall and found that water had seeped out from the top of the wall where it was linked to the roof.

Zayne sighed as he hugged his legs and cursed, "It seems that this stupid house is not only It's dilapidated, it's f*cking seeping, so what if it's seeping, it better not be f*cking leaking!

Just as he finished speaking, there was a sudden chill on his forehead.

It turned out that the rain had seeped out from the roof and gathered into a single drop, which landed on his head.

When Zayne touched his forehead, it was damp and he cried out in anger, "F*ck! The rain is really leaking, isn't it? ! God, are you done with this? ! Don't play with me all the time! Who can stand it when it's always like this?

Unfortunately, no one could hear his question.

Even if the soldiers standing guard next door could hear him, they wouldn't understand him at all.

Meanwhile, Zara, Zayne's older daughter, who had no hope, had made a three-year plan for herself after a day and a night of rest and reflection.

She had always remembered what Charlie had said, that she would become the head of the Banks family within three years.

Although it sounded like a fantasy, she was not willing to let Charlie look down on her.

Therefore, she decided to work hard for this goal from today onwards.

And her first intention was to make the news of her and her mother's safe return to the public completely public.

The reason why she had to do this was, on the one hand, to deter her grandfather, Lord Banks, and on the other hand, for the safety of herself and her mother