Amazing Son-in-law 2839 Charlie

  Hamid didn't bother to pay any attention to Zayne.

He smiled and said to Clark, "Gentlemen, I've made some good black tea, come in and have a few cups! "

People in the Middle East love to drink black tea, which is usually made by boiling a particularly large amount of tea leaves into a very strong tea broth, and then served with a large amount of white sugar, and tea desserts with a very high sugar content.

This, in turn, is very different from the Chinese.

When they saw how hospitable Hamid was, they could not refuse for a while.

So, Clark said, "Commander Hamid, then I would like to ask you to arrange for your men to take this Mr. Banks to his place of residence first.

"Yes, no problem!" Hamid patted his chest and said, "I've had the courtyard prepared since Elder Brother wade ordered it, that courtyard is right next door to my guard battalion, the rest of the people living around it are all soldiers of the army except for my guards, there are people patrolling and standing guard 24 hours a day, definitely won't let him get away!

After saying that, he added with a smile: ''And I've already had someone re-pack that small set of courtyard, the condition is also good.

Zayne was only slightly relieved when he kept hearing this. 

He hadn't thought about escaping since he got on the plane.

Because it was simply impossible to escape.

In a place like this, there was no way he could run away, even if he was exhausted.

What's more, there were loaded soldiers all around, so if the other side found out and fired a few bullets, he wouldn't even have a chance to leave his body intact.

So, he could only force himself to adapt to the situation and take what he could get.

As for the future, he could only hope that his daughter, Zara, would inherit the Banks family soon.

But then he turned to think.

"The possibility of letting Zara inherit the Banks family is almost nil, not to mention my old man, who will never let go of his power until he dies. I'm afraid that this will lead to an unprecedented family feud.

When he thought of this, his heart became more and more desperate.

He wondered when his "Syrian journey" would end.

Soon, Zayne was taken by Hamid's personal guards to a farm a few hundred metres away from the headquarters.

The small family home.

From the outside, the courtyard is almost entirely made of yellow earth, with earthen walls and houses made of earth, and apart from the roof tiles, which appear to have been fired, there is little sign of modern processing.

The courtyard is not large, and when you enter it is the size of a basketball court. A cattle shed has been built on the right hand side of the entrance, but no animals are kept inside.

In the middle of the courtyard, there is not even a blade of grass, apart from the earth.

The only houses in the courtyard are the three adobe houses facing the courtyard.

Unlike the rural areas of China, where at least there is a room or something, here there are three side by side earth rooms, which together are probably not more than forty square metres.

What made him even more devastated was that the central room contained nothing but a broken wooden chair.

To his left, there was an extremely simple bedroom, which he would not have known was used for sleeping if it had not been for the pile of straw in the middle of the room.

Like the room in the middle, this so-called bedroom contains only a pile of straw and a pile of rolled-up quilts.