Amazing Son-in-law 2837 Charlie

  Meanwhile, Zayne finally arrived in Syria after a day and night of flying.

Unlike Charlie, who had the privilege of flying on the Concorde, he could only fly all the way towards the Middle East. After landing in Turkey, he crossed the country and entered northern Syria by road traffic overnight.

The moment Zayne set foot on Syrian soil, he even wanted to die.

As he had been smuggled into the country, he was immediately struck by the desolation of the country as the vehicles pulled him through the cities.

A country full of holes, full of deserts, hills, and decaying villages and towns.

The endless desert and mountainous terrain immediately reminded him of an old poem about the lonely smoke of the desert.

After going hundreds of kilometres deep into the Syrian border, he had a deep-seated knowledge that if Charlie did not nod, it would be impossible for him to leave Syria in his life, not to mention the fact that he did not know anyone here, and that his face alone, which was so different from those around him, was destined to make it difficult for him to get out of the country.

Thinking of this, his inner Deep in his heart then despair was overwhelming.

He had thought that his despair was too deep into the Marianas Trench to be more desperate when he finally arrived at the armed strip occupied by Commander Hamid.

As the car drove into the valley, the fortifications on the hills on either side were in full swing.

Hamid's friend from the construction team in Iraq, who had arrived in Syria in just over ten hours for the sake of money, was now directing his workers and the engineering company Hamid had just formed last night to work together and build the fortifications.

As Zayne looked at the desolate valley in front of him, the soldiers with loaded guns and the permanent fortifications being actively built, he wailed inwardly.

"What the hell is this place?!"

It's in the middle of a million mountains, extremely isolated and not nearly as developed as a small mountain village in China

"If you don't know, you'll think this is a base area behind the enemy lines during the Anti-Japanese War".

Zayne wanted to cry and thought, if the TV series "Bright Sword" was filmed here It was definitely more realistic than the version that is hot on TV now!

Just when he wanted to cry, the convoy had already stopped in front of Hamid's command headquarters, led by a military open-top jeep.

No sooner had the car stopped than Hamid, dressed in camouflage, stepped out in excitement.

The men who escorted Zayne were Cameron's men, but Hamid didn't know any Cameron's, he only knew that one of them was the guy Charlie wanted to "foster" here, and the rest were definitely Charlie's men.

Charlie was not only his valued man, but also his god of wealth and his strategic commander-in-chief, so he was full of enthusiasm and respect for Charlie's men, and hoped that through his practical actions, he could make Charlie's men bring this enthusiasm and respect back to him.

Seeing Hamid walking out with a healthy ~flying~ stride, Zayne's heart thudded.

He thought to himself, "This guy looks so imposing, he should be the boss here.

When Hamid came out, Zayne was also dragged down by a few of Cameron's men