Amazing Son-in-law 2834 Charlie

  Daniel was puzzled and asked, "Hong Sheng, in the past, when someone broke through three meridians, almost all martial arts families would send their congratulatory gifts.

Lord He said seriously, "Brother, I was able to make such a significant breakthrough thanks to the help of a noble person, and all the He family will look up to this noble person in the future, and this noble person will also give the He family many very scarce cultivation resources in the future. Perhaps in a few years, the next person to break through three meridians will appear in the He family, or perhaps in a few more years, there will be the next person to break through four meridians like me, and by then, the strength of our He family will be unparalleled!

As soon as Daniel heard this, he immediately nodded and said excitedly: ''Since that is the case, we will naturally do everything you tell us!

Those left behind, both young and old, were very loyal to the He family and to Lord He, so they would embrace any decision Lord He made at this time.

Lord He also realised that after his eldest son had left with that group of people, there was a lot less opposition or questioning when he made major decisions, which also made him realise the importance of having a united team.

The current He family would no longer do endless internal conflicts like before, instead, the He family would now be twisted into a single rope and work together to achieve greater achievements!

Thinking of this, deep inside he couldn't help but get excited and spoke, "Right! There is one more thing to announce to the public, all those who have left the He Family will not be allowed to return, and the doors of the He Family will not be opened for anyone who leaves from now on!

Just as Chris was leading a - large group of He family members in a car bus to the airport, the martial arts field suddenly caused a huge uproar!

The He Family announced to the public that the He Family Head, Lord He, had successfully broken through the fourth meridian!

This news immediately ignited the entire domestic martial arts domain!

Currently, out of the hundreds of thousands of martial artists in the country, ninety percent of them had only opened one meridian.

Those who could open two meridians accounted for 9.999% of the remaining 10%!

Only five people are known to have opened three meridians and become three-star martial artists in the country!

Moreover, these five were all in the ranks of the four great families.

Apart from the Luke's family in the northwest, which had two three-star martial artists, the remaining three major clans, including the He family, all had only one.

As for those who had opened up four meridians, before Lord He, there was not a single one.

In other words, Lord He is currently the only one among martial artists in the country to have broken through four meridians.

This also meant that Lord He became the number -one person in the martial arts field in the country.

Originally, the crowd in the bus was still looking forward to their new life after arriving in Suhang, when at that moment, it was unknown who shouted out, "Second Uncle, he has broken through four meridians!

"What? !"

Everyone knew that Lord He was second in line among the brothers, and this voice of Second Uncle was naturally referring to him!

In an instant, the He family in the bus suddenly exploded into a frenzy!

Before Chris had even recovered, his mobile phone exploded at once!

A large number of people from the same family sent messages to him and his father, and when Chris saw the news, his whole body was struck by lightning!

He never dreamed that he would break up with his father on the one hand, and then his 80-year-old father would have a breakthrough on the other!

Being very sensitive to money, he realised almost immediately that the He family was set to soar from here on in!

Thinking that he had just left before his father announced the news, Chris was furious in his heart and thought to himself, "No wonder the old man has gone back on his word! So it was a martial dao breakthrough! I'm his eldest son, and he didn't tell me about such an important matter as his breakthrough! How outrageous!