Amazing Son-in-law 2833 Charlie

  When the He family heard the announcement that Lord He had broken through the fourth meridian, everyone was first stunned for a moment, and then, immediately afterwards, a near-mad cheer erupted!

Breaking through four meridians meant becoming a four-star martial artist!

In the whole of China, the title of ''four-star martial artist'' had not appeared for nearly a hundred years!

To them, hearing this news was as exhilarating as when the people of China heard about the successful explosion of the first - atomic bomb.

Back then, China had successfully developed the atomic bomb, which meant that the sons and daughters of China no longer had to suffer from the nuclear threat of nuclear-armed countries, and at the same time had a strong ability to defend themselves.

Now that Lord He had successfully broken through the fourth meridian, it was almost like the He family had an atomic bomb!

Just a few minutes ago, everyone present was still worried about the future fate of the He family because of the departure of Chris and the others.

But now, they were no longer thinking about Chris's problems at all.

Because from now on, the He Family would take a huge step forward, leaping to become the top martial arts family in the country!

Lord He's little His son, Noah, was so excited that he blurted out, "Dad! Did you run to the ancestral shrine early in the morning to report your breakthrough to the ancestors?"

Lord He nodded: "That's right, just now at the ancestral shrine, I have already reported to all the ancestors of the He family, I believe the ancestors of the He family would be proud of the He family if they knew about it.

Noah couldn't help but sigh with emotion: "Dad, why didn't you announce this news earlier, if big brother knew that you had made such a major breakthrough, he probably wouldn't have been tempted by the terms offered by the Banks family."

Lord He said indifferently, "Fortunately, I didn't announce it in advance, otherwise how would I have known about his wolf's ambition!"

After saying that, Lord He sighed and said:So be it, people have their own ambitions, as long as he doesn't threaten to harm our He family's interests in the future, I will not cross river water with him in the future."

Noah also knew that his father had a point, so he did not insist too much.

Lord He's elder brother, Daniel, spoke up, "Hong Sheng, when will you announce the news of your fourth meridian breakthrough to the public?

Lord He thought about it and said, "Let's announce it immediately, and tell all martial artists about it publicly.

After that, the He family stopped accepting solicitations from anyone, and the He House in Desert City was henceforth closed and no longer entertained any visitors.

There is an unwritten rule among martial arts families that once someone in a famous family has broken through three or more meridians, it must be widely publicised among the entire martial arts community.

Lord He was naturally no exception this time.

Moreover, Lord He knew very well that once the outside world knew that he had broken through his fourth meridian, a large number of people would definitely come to Desert City to visit him.

Not only would there be congratulations from fellow martial artists, but there would also be scattered martial artists who would come to pay homage to him, and there would also be many families like the Banks family who would come to recruit him.

This is why he had people explain in advance that the He family would no longer accept solicitations and would no longer treat guests to the public.

This was tantamount to turning away the following. All of the above possibilities were turned away.

The reason for this decision was that Lord He had already thought very clearly in his heart that the future of the He family actually rested on Young Master wade.

Therefore, the most important thing was to serve Young Master wade with all one's might, and as for others, there was no need to waste one's own and the He family's essence.