Amazing Son-in-law 2830 Charlie

  The reason why Lord He has not passed the family headship to Chris until now is, well, because he does not have enough trust in his ability and even less trust in his determination.

Chris had also had his say on this for a long time.

He knew very well that if he were in ancient times, he would be the Crown Prince, but what emperor has ever spent until he was in his eighties and still not abdicated?

Wasn't this a clear attempt to force the crown prince to rebel?

Therefore, when he heard Bank Anshun's words, a surge of anger rose up in his heart.

Immediately afterwards, he spoke with a cold face, "Steward Banks, you are right, I really can't persuade my father."

With that, Chris turned his words around and blurted out, "But I can persuade my own legs!"

When Banks Anshun heard this, his eyes lit up and he asked, "Chris, what exactly do you mean by that?"

Chris blurted out, "It's simple, my father is not willing to cooperate with the Banks family, but I am willing, my cultivation level is second only to the old master in the He family, plus I still have two sons and a group of men who are willing to follow me, as long as Master Banks looks up to us, I am willing to take my men to Suhang and resume my orders to Master Banks!"

Banks Anshun was overjoyed in his heart.

The old man, He, is too stubborn, it is impossible to persuade him to turn back, but this Chris seems sincere, if he really has a group of followers and can bring them to Suhang to serve his master, then I This mission wasn't a complete failure."

Thinking of this, he immediately changed his attitude to a very happy one and said to Chris with a smile, "Haha, Chris, come, come up and talk!"

With that, he even took the initiative to extend his hand and pulled Chris.


At this moment, inside the He family mansion.

The company has already announced to the whole family that the cooperation with the Banks family has been completely terminated, and the He family members who were originally prepared to leave for Suhang early in the morning did not have to toss and turn anymore.

After this announcement, Lord He took He Yingxiu with him and went to the ancestral shrine located at the He family's ancestral tomb.

He wanted to personally tell the ancestors of the He family the happy news that he had broken through four meridians.

However, once the news of his non-cooperation with the Banks family came out, the entire He family was happy and sad for several families.

In fact, it was impossible for any family to be united.

Each small family, or even each individual, has its own set of petty calculations.

The reason why there had never been any conflicts over the years was also mainly because Master He was more capable of managing and more authoritative, and no one in the entire He family dared to disobey him.

But as the saying goes, taking away people's money is equal to killing their parents.

In this world, there are many people who regard money as much more important than kinship.

In other words, the vast majority of people will sell out their affection as long as the price is given at the right level and meets psychological expectations. 

It's just that everyone has a different price tag deep down.

Some people who are not so well-off may turn their backs on their siblings for the sake of their parents' monthly pension of a couple of thousand dollars.

As for those who are too well-off, they may look peaceful on the surface, but when the time comes to fight for the huge family fortune, everyone will use every possible means to deal with their relatives.

Now, Lord He's rejection of the Banks family's offer of a two billion or even three billion dollar partnership is tantamount to directly separating the entire He family from this huge sum of money.

Some people don't care about this money, but some care more than anything else.

And those who cared could not wait to drink Master He's blood and eat his flesh now.

However, Master He had the highest majesty and the highest cultivation level, so no one could afford to mess with him, so they could only dare to speak out in anger.

However, in the midst of this situation where everyone was harbouring ulterior motives, Chris took the quickest time to meet with several brothers and a few uncles.

After some lobbying by him, almost half of them were willing to join him and go to Suhang to serve the Su family.

Just as Lord He was personally lighting three sticks of sandalwood incense in front of each ancestor's spirit, his youngest son, Noah, ran over and reported loudly from outside the door, "Dad, it's not good! Big brother has brought forty to fifty family members and is ready to get on the bus with Banks Anshun to go to Suhang!"