Amazing Son-in-law 2823 Charlie

  Lord He also knew that since the other party had such strength and such divine pills, working with the He family was indeed a lift and a boon.

It was just that he could not understand how such a good thing could have fallen into the He family's lap.

Thus, he subconsciously asked, "Ah Yingxiu, this Young Master wade, why does he want to cooperate with us? Before you came back, I thought that the young master of the wade family must want to cooperate with us because he wants to compete with the Banks family, but after you came back, I realized that this young master of the wade family is so powerful that the Banks family is nothing in his eyes, if he really wants to compete with the Banks family, there is no need to cooperate with us at all ...... "

He Yingxiu nodded and said seriously, "That's why I said, this is a creation that Young Master wade has sent to our He family, we have to seize this opportunity no matter what!"

He Yingxiu had analyzed Charlie's motives a long time ago.

She thought, "In terms of strength, Young Master wade doesn't know how much higher than the He Family, and with his divine ability, the He Family can't even enter his eyes."

"The reason why he is still willing to take the initiative to take money and pills to cooperate with the He family is simply because he sees In Xion's face."

"I think that Young Master wade must have some subtle feelings for Xion."

"This is not only Xion's own creation, but also the creation of the entire He family."

Lord He also nodded with a look of approval and said with emotion, "Such a heavenly opportunity, naturally, we must seize it firmly!"

After saying this, he immediately said, "I will go to Banks Anshun right now and tell him clearly that the He family rejects the Banks family's invitation to cooperate!"

He Yingxiu was busy stopping him and said, "Dad, you'd better take the second divine elixir first as well! What if you can break through the fourth meridian with a flourish?"

Lord He hesitated for a moment before gently nodding his head and saying, "Good! In that case, I will take it and see if I can break through the fourth meridian! If I can, my He family will be able to return to its peak!"

He Yingxiu was equally full of anticipation.

To the He Family, Lord He was not only the navigator, but also the mainstay.

If he could advance one more level of cultivation, it would not only give the He family as a whole a big step forward, but more importantly, it would also give the He family...

A huge incentive for the children and grandchildren.

Lord He was equally looking forward to it.

He picked up the divine pill, examined it for a few seconds and then reached out and put it into his mouth.

As he had already experienced it once, this time he concentrated on preparing his body with his internal energy, so that at the moment when the medicinal power dissipated, he could guide it towards the fourth meridian, the belt vein.

When he took the last divine elixir, his inexperience had caused the medicinal effect to be forcibly absorbed by his dried-up body. Although this could largely improve his physical quality and even make his body younger and live longer to a certain extent, he could not afford to waste the medicinal power on it.

He wanted to use all the medicinal effects of the second divine Pill to impact the Belt Vein.

A moment later, the surging medicinal power surged outwards from his abdomen. Lord He was prepared for this and hurriedly used all his internal energy to wrap the medicinal power to death.

The powerful medicinal power was like a rapid flood, and Lord He's internal energy was like a dam used to resist the flood, desperately controlling the direction of the medicinal power and doing everything possible to direct it to the fourth meridian.