Amazing Son-in-law 2822 Charlie

  But now, He Yingxiu's words made him realise a crucial point.

His eldest son had indeed been unconcerned about martial arts all these years, and if he were to give him the rest of that divine elixir, it might not have any positive effect at all.

Moreover, even if he was willing to hand over the He family to his eldest son, Chris, in the future, he might not really be able to wholeheartedly develop the He family for the better.

On the contrary, he would probably sell the entire He family to the Banks family, and then he would take the huge sum of money given by the Banks family and run away to enjoy his life.

In that case, the entire He family would become a tool for him to enrich himself.

Instead of that, it would be better for him to find a way to live for some more years and lead the He family farther with his own hands.

If he could burn up his last energy and push the He family to the number one martial arts family in the country, then he would have no regrets in dying!

With this in mind, he finally made up his mind and said to He Yingxiu, "Yingxiu, you are right, making the He family go higher and further is our most important mission! Since Young Master wade has given us such a dreamed of creation, then my He family will be guided by him alone from now on!"

He Yingxiu asked, "Dad, have you agreed to work with Young Master wade?"

Lord He said firmly, "Young Master wade has given me a divine pill, and I have already taken one, so how can I renege at this point?"

He Yingxiu said excitedly, "That's great! It's really great! As long as we cooperate with Young Master wade wholeheartedly, what Young Master wade can bring us will be far more than just five divine pills and 100 million in cash every year! I believe that Young Master wade can not only make the He Family became the number one martial arts family in the country, and it would even allow the He Family to surpass the martial arts families and become a stronger tier of existence!"

Lord He subconsciously asked, "Yingxiu, when you say transcend martial arts families and become a stronger layer of existence, what is this stronger layer of existence?"

He Yingxiu shook his head and said frankly, "I don't know either, I originally thought that a martial arts expert, should be the strongest existence in close combat, but after meeting Young Master wade yesterday, I felt that we are just frogs at the bottom of the well, we simply don't understand how vast the world is outside the well of martial arts ......"

Lord He couldn't help but ask: "Then what kind of strength do you think, that Young Master wade has?"

He Yingxiu truthfully said, "I can't see Young Master Wade's true strength either ......"

Lord He asked again, "Then how many levels do you think this Young Master wade is above us?"

"How many levels?" Between hesitations, He Yingxiu suddenly remembered something that his daughter Xion had told himself about.

The reason why Xion was able to achieve great success in the Ren Vein was not because she had taken the divine pill given by Charlie.

According to her daughter, Charlie had only checked her pulse and seemed to have used his internal energy to travel around her meridians, and then directly helped her to achieve the Great Success of the Ren Vein.

This was the same as the vast majority of people who would never be able to reach that level in a lifetime of desperate cultivation, but for Charlie, it was just the effort of giving her a pulse, and he could easily raise her directly to that level.

Just by moving his fingers, it was worth a lifetime of effort for others. 

Perhaps, it can no longer be described simply by the level, right?

Thinking of this, she looked at her father and said seriously, "Dad, if I were to say it, it might be the same gap between the Sun Wukong and Buddha Ru-lai ...... The Sun Wukong seems to have extraordinary skills, but he can't even escape Buddha Ru-lai's five-finger mountain, in my opinion, the gap between us and Young Master wade is like this ......"

Lord He listened with a face full of horror, his voice even with a few trembling asked, "When ...... is there really such a gap?!"

He Yingxiu did not hesitate to nod his head and said, "Dad, in my opinion, it is indeed so!"

Lord He could not help but ask after him, "Since this Young Master wade is so capable, where would he look at us?"

He Yingxiu let out a bitter laugh and said, "Dad, I'm to blame for not making myself clear, in fact, Young Master wade didn't seek me out this time for the purpose of pulling in the He family at all."

Lord He exclaimed, "What?! It's not to pull in the He family, then what is it for?!"

He Yingxiu thought of her precious daughter Xion, and thought with a bitter smile in her heart, "In fact, everything is Xion's good fortune, being saved by Young Master wade, who is heartbroken that she has not been able to meet with me, her mother, before stepping in to invite me over to Aurous Hill to reunite with my daughter, all these creations are just him looking after me and the He family for the sake of his daughter ......"

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However, she thought of her promise to Charlie not to tell the truth about her daughter, so she had to say helplessly, "Dad, there are some things that I promised Young Master wade not to tell, so you don't have to ask after them, you just need to know that Young Master wade sought our cooperation, not really fancying our ability, but wanting to send us a creation...