Amazing Son-in-law 2821 Charlie

  He Yingxiu's words hit Lord He right where it hurts.

He knew better than anyone else what kind of virtue his eldest son had in his heart.

As early as twenty years ago, he had discovered that his eldest son had lost his ultimate pursuit of the martial arts.

Not only that, he had also become obsessed with materialistic pleasures.

In his own words, after 20 to 30 years of hard work in martial arts, it was time to enjoy life. All those martial arts stars and action stars also suffered when they were young and started to reach the top of their lives when they reached middle age.

Many martial arts stars have even become billionaires by the time they are 30, and their personal status is declining at a rapid rate visible to the naked eye, as they train less and less.

Training less and less, but living a better and better life.

When they were 17 or 18, they might only earn a few hundred dollars for a film, but by the time they were 30, they could earn tens of millions of dollars or more for casual appearances and fancy tricks.

This also deeply stimulates Chris.

He thought that since those martial arts stars who had only practised some external kung fu could become human beings, why could he not be like them after 20 to 30 years of hard training in martial arts?

From that time onwards, Chris's cultivation almost came to a standstill.

However, the path of martial arts is an exceptionally difficult one, not something that can be compared to those fancy fist and leg tricks.

Lord He knew that although his eldest son had a great advantage over ordinary people in terms of cultivation, it was still not enough for him to make a living in the martial arts.

Let alone allowing him to lead the entire He family.

However, although Lord He was dissatisfied with Chris's negativity, he had no other options in hand.

His other brothers, with relatively average talent, were all working hard, but their overall strength was not even as strong as that of the passive Chris.

He Yingxiu just said that the He family can be ranked as one of the four great families of martial arts, most of the reason is because of Lord He alone, and this is true. If Lord He dies, with the strength of these offspring of the He family, they will definitely fall out of the four great families quickly, or even a The breath fell out of the top ten.

He Yingxiu was indeed outstanding when she was young, but unfortunately, she was chosen by the Banks family just after she reached adulthood and went to the Banks family to protect Zayne closely, sort of going out early to make money for the family.

At that time, the He family had to depend on the Banks family for survival, and Lord He could only push He Yingxiu out.

It was also since then that He Yingxiu spent the vast majority of her days protecting Zayne, so she rarely had any time left to fully cultivate her martial arts skills.

As a result, her cultivation level grew very slowly later on.

Later, in order to protect Zayne, she lost her right arm and her strength plummeted.

Although her cultivation level was higher than Chris's, after losing her arm, her real combat ability was even worse than Chris's.

Moreover, Lord He also knows very well that even if he is not biased and does not have a patriarchal mindset, it is still difficult for the entire He family to accept a woman as the head of the family, and even more difficult to accept a disabled woman as the head of the family.