Amazing Son-in-law 2820 Charlie

  If you open one, you will become a master in the eyes of the general public and enter the martial arts, but most martial artists stop there, and most will never open the Ren and Du channels in their lifetime.

If you can open two, you will become one of the small group of martial artists who are now considered martial arts masters.

If you can open three, you will definitely be ranked in the top ten among martial artists in China.

As for breaking four, none of the dozens of martial arts families in the country, large or small, have yet to reach such a high level.

To Lord He, as long as he could break through the fourth meridian, he would be able to become the pinnacle among martial artists in the country.

Just as Lord He was desperately trying to realise this ambition, he was shocked to discover that a significant portion of the surging medicinal power in his body was desperately merging into his internal organs and body along the various blood vessels and nerves.

At this moment, it was as if his entire body had dried up, and the medicinal effect in that divine elixir was a spring of fresh water.

Originally, he wanted to use all of this clear spring to open his belt veins, but because his body was too dry, a large part of the clear spring did not reach his belt veins, but was quickly absorbed by his body.

Immediately afterwards, he felt a great recovery and improvement in his bodily functions, and when his body also felt several years younger all of a sudden, however, the effects of the medicine were also dragged down by his body and almost exhausted.

There was no extra strength to launch another attack on the belt chakra.

He Yingxiu kept staring at her father and was amazed to find that his appearance seemed to have improved greatly and his skin did not seem as pale and dry as before.

She was eager to know if her father's cultivation had been greatly enhanced, but she did not dare to speak up and interfere, so she could only hold back her amazement and wait for him to awaken.

A few moments later, Lord He suddenly opened his eyes, and muddy tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes.

He Yingxiu hurriedly asked, "Dad, why are you crying? How are you feeling?"

Lord He quietly wiped away his tears and lamented with some chagrin, "This divine pill is truly divine, the power of its medicine is so powerful that it is shocking. I originally wanted to take the opportunity to impact the belt veins to see if I could break through to the fourth meridian, but to my surprise, my body is really too old, dragging down many hind legs, more than half of the medicinal power is absorbed by this body, it is really too much of a waste ...... too much of a waste ......"

He Yingxiu was busy saying, "Dad! How can this be a waste! After all, you are over eighty years old and your internal and external functions have deteriorated severely. This divine pill disperses its medicinal effects to your body, which will definitely slow down your aging and even extend your life span. As I see it, in your present state, you will definitely live beyond a hundred years old!"

Lord He said with regret, "If I can break through the four Even if I only have three to five years left to live, I'm still willing to do it. ......"

He Yingxiu immediately handed another elixir to Lord He as well and blurted out, "Dad! How about you take this miracle pill too! Maybe you can open the fourth meridian in one fell swoop!"

Lord He hurriedly pushed her hand away and blurted out guiltily, "No, no, no! I'm such a bad old man, it's really not worth wasting another miracle pill!"

He Yingxiu said firmly, "Dad! Right now, you are the only one in the entire He family who has broken through three meridians, and a large part of our He family being ranked as one of the four great martial families is supported by you alone. If you are a hundred years old, the He family will definitely fall out of the sequence of the four great families, so these pills should be used on you!"

Lord He pondered for a moment and said, "In this way, call your elder brother over, and give him the rest of this divine pill to try."

"No way." He Yingxiu said categorically, "Dad! My brother has always been inclined to reunite with the Banks family, and to speak from the bottom of my heart, my elder brother has not put his heart into cultivation over the years, instead, he is overly concerned about money and enjoying life, the colder the He family's martial arts path is, the better, but he bought a villa in Sanya long ago, and always finds excuses to take his wife and children to Sanya for holiday every winter. The biggest waste of money