Amazing Son-in-law 2817 Charlie

  Father and daughter walked through the corridors of the front and back yards and arrived at Lord He's study, one after the other.

Lord He entered the room first, followed by He Yingxiu. Lord He then turned around and closed the door behind him, then said to He Yingxiu with a helpless and guilty face, "Yingxiu, you have to forgive dad for this matter, dad couldn't help it either ......"

He Yingxiu nodded and said, "Dad, I know you are thinking of the He family ......"

"Yes!" Lord He sighed, "Hey, if it weren't for the He family, how would I be willing to make such a decision? It may seem like a light-hearted statement, but in reality, it is my own face that is being slapped by Lord He ......"

He said, he added: "Yingxiu, you must not blame dad, dad, like you, also want to get Xion back, so from now on you don't need to meet with Bank's family, just go all out to find Xion!"

He Yingxiu let out a bitter smile and thought to herself, "Xion is now too good to be true, what else do I have to look for, it's just that your old man does still see things a bit one-sided, the He family now has a once-in-a-lifetime wonderful opportunity, but this opportunity is not to attach to the Banks family, but to Young Master Wade."

But naturally, she could not say this straightforwardly, so she planned to go step by step little by little.

At this time, Lord He looked at her and asked seriously, "Right Yingxiu, I see that your strength, your breath and your whole feeling of being a person seems to have improved a lot compared to what you thought yesterday? What's going on here?"

He Yingxiu didn't expect his father to really see it, so he opened his mouth and asked him, "Dad, how much of an improvement do you think my cultivation has made now?"

Lord He smacked his lips and said, "Actually, I don't see any significant progress, as far as I can see, you should still have only opened up two meridians, but I have a very strange feeling again ......"

He Yingxiu smiled faintly and looked at his father and asked, "Dad, what kind of feeling are you talking about?"

Lord He thought for a moment and spoke, "How can I put it? To use an analogy, you are like a pool of water. Compared to yesterday's you, the surface area has not changed much, so to the eye, it seems that nothing has changed, but I always feel that this pool of water seems to have deepened overnight, with the implication that there is no bottom to be seen."

In fact, this analogy of Lord He's aptly illustrates the real change in He Yingxiu.

He Yingxiu's strength had, indeed, improved greatly, but this was mainly divided into two aspects.

The first aspect of improvement is that all her physical strength has developed by leaps and bounds, her strength, speed, perception and toughness have all improved greatly, but This kind of strength cannot be seen at all by the naked eye of an outsider; even if one has good eyesight, it is impossible for a person to tell, by the outside of a person, how many pounds of strength the person has in swinging a fist, in a 100-metre dash, how fast he is, and how strong his endurance is in long-distance running.

Therefore, Lord He was not able to see any changes in these areas in He Yingxiu

As for the second aspect of He Yingxiu's improvement, it was the degree of openness of her Ren and Du channels, which had greatly improved from before.

Originally, her Ren Vessel was 50% clear and her Du Vessel was 20% clear.

But now, her Ren Vessel has become a great success and her Dou Vessel has reached 40%.

But this is also interesting, if He Yingxiu had opened her third meridian, or if she had brought Xion, who had opened three meridians, back to Lord He, Lord He would have been able to see the difference at a glance, after all, there is a world of difference between opening two meridians and opening three meridians, it is like the same pool of water, yesterday it was only as big as a basketball court, today it is suddenly twice as big as a football field, such a huge difference, Lord He himself had opened three meridians, so he would have been able to see it at a glance.

What is interesting is that He Yingxiu did not manage to open up a third meridian like Xion did, but instead elevated the original two meridians by a considerable amount.