Amazing Son-in-law 2816 Charlie

  At this moment, he did not know whether it was right or wrong to lead the He family south.

Just as he was feeling despondent, a familiar footstep sounded from afar and approached.

Before he could turn around, he guessed that the person was probably his daughter, He Yingxiu.

However, before he turned around, he could not help but frown again.

In his heart, he thought, "Although Yingxiu's strength is good, her control of her body and breath is not that good! From the feel of it, this person's strength should be more than one level higher than Ying Xiu's!"

"Who could this person ...... be?"

At this thought, Lord He's heart couldn't help but be alert.

He suddenly turned around, and the internal energy in his body had been raised from his dantian to his hands, in case he needed to strike urgently.

However, when he turned back around, he realised that the person walking towards him was indeed his own daughter, He Yingxiu.

At this moment, He Yingxiu appeared to be no different from when she left yesterday.

However, when Lord He felt it carefully, he felt that the He Yingxiu of today seemed very different from yesterday!

This contradictory feeling is like looking at the same pool of water a day apart, it still looks the same size and the same ancient well.

But today, the same pool of water seems much, much deeper than yesterday!

He subconsciously asked, "Ying , how do you ...... you ......"

He Yingxiu was busy interrupting him and spoke, "Dad, can I talk to you in private?"

As soon as He Yingxiu opened her mouth,Lord He immediately felt that this daughter of his, her control of her breath had indeed become much more exquisite, not to mention just opening her mouth to say a word, but just the involuntary control of her breath when He Yingxiu spoke, could be seen that she was now different from what she used to be.

So, he put down the amazement in his heart for the moment and hurriedly said, "Go, go to my study!"

He Yingxiu followed behind her father, and the two of them quickly headed to the study in the backyard.

On the way, they happened to meet He Yingxiu's elder brother, Chris, who was about to greet the old man when he suddenly saw He Yingxiu following him and asked in surprise, "Yingxiu, didn't Dad say yesterday that you had gone to the Jiaodong Peninsula, when did you come back?"

He Yingxiu hurriedly replied, "Big brother, I've just returned, there's something I need to communicate with dad about."

Chris's cultivation level was not very different from He Yingxiu's, or even slightly inferior, so he could not see the changes in He Yingxiu's body.

He felt that He Yingxiu's sudden killing back must have something to do with Dad's promise of cooperation with the Banks family.

In his guess, He Yingxiu, as Xion's own mother, must not want the He family to continue to cooperate with the Banks family, so her hasty return must be to block this cooperation.

So, he hurriedly spoke up, "Dad We've only got a few hours left before we leave, so we need to get ready quickly. If not, I'll arrange for someone to come and help you."

Lord He said, "I'm almost packed, you go ahead and get busy, I have something to talk to Yingxiu about."

Chris said, "Dad, don't be too long, we can't afford to delay the Banks family's side, we agreed to leave at ten o'clock, I guess we'll start loading the car by seven or eight."

Lord He knew what Chris meant by this, he was afraid that he would change his mind after talking to his daughter He Ying Xiu.

In his heart, Lord He did feel guilty towards his daughter He Yingxiu, but he was equally very clear that there was no way he could change his mind, because this was of great significance to the He family, and as the head of the He family, he was not allowed to be impulsive.

He then said to Chris, "Get ready, or start loading the luggage items onto the car at eight o'clock as planned, and the whole family will leave at ten o'clock sharp."

When Chris heard this, he was relieved and said with a smile, "That's fine, Dad, I'll go and make the arrangements."

He Yingxiu did not speak at the side, but also heard some subtleties in the conversation between his father and elder brother, and smiled helplessly, thinking in his heart, "Dad seems to be determined to cooperate with the Banks family now, his old man has always been a man of his word, but I am afraid that after another ten minutes, he will have to break his one-word persona himself... ..."