Amazing Son-in-law 2814 Charlie

 After all, that man had saved Zara twice.

If Zara was able to protect himself, then his safety would have a few more guarantees.

So, after praising Banks Anshun a bit, he immediately started arranging for a special plane.

As for the bus, I am afraid that at least four of them would have to be prepared, and one or two more trucks would have to be prepared to transport the luggage and supplies.

Lord Banks then arranged for his men to prepare the airliner on the one hand, and the buses and trucks on the other, so that they could leave Desert City tomorrow at 10 o'clock on time with the He family.

In this way, they would be able to arrive in Suhang before nightfall.

At this time, Lord He did not dare to delay his plans for tomorrow, and had already started to inform the entire He family to start packing their luggage and soft goods.

The entire He family suddenly became busy this late at night.

Banks Anshun stayed in the guest room, listening to the sound of people moving around and the movement of things being packed next door, and was very satisfied.

He knew that this time, Master Banks had messed up a bit, but the good thing was that he had kept the He family firmly within the offer of two billion, which should be a credit to him.

It would also make a statement.

This night, Banks Anshun then fell asleep to the tinkling and banging around him, and slept extraordinarily soundly.

Lord He and Chris, as well as several other core members of the He family, had almost a sleepless night, each with their own thoughts, and with the exception of Lord He, the others had already started to calculate how much they would be able to get out of the two billion dollars a year, and how they should use it once they got it.

At six o'clock in the morning, the sky was beginning to lighten in the east.

It had snowed overnight last night, and the entire Desert City was almost completely covered in white snow.

This small town is so cold that most people spend more than half of the year at home for the winter break, and it is also very quiet at this time of year, with hardly any people visible in the streets.

Just then, a helicopter flew in from the southern sky.

He Yingxiu was sitting in this helicopter, looking anxiously at Desert City, which was less than a hundred kilometres away.

In her arms, she was carrying the two blood dispersing heart saving pills given by Charlie.

She believed that even if her father's belief in reuniting with the Banks family was strong, as long as he took one of them, he would immediately change his mind.

At a distance from the He family When the mansion was still a dozen kilometres away, she said to the pilot, "Little brother, please find a suitable spot to land a kilometre or two from the compound, lest you be spotted by someone with an agenda."

It was rare to see something like a helicopter in a small city, so it was bound to attract attention.

It didn't matter if other people were concerned, He Yingxiu was mainly worried that Banks Anshun, who lived in the He family, would find out.

If he found out that he had rushed back in a helicopter, the chances were that he would get suspicious and thus check the origin of the helicopter, and if he found out about the wade family's clues, it would certainly be another problem in the future.

As long as he didn't find the helicopter, even if he saw himself at the He family, I'm sure he wouldn't be too suspicious.

Hearing this, the pilot hurriedly said, "Ms. He, on the map, I can't find too suitable a landing place within the city, but the distance outside the city is a bit far, what do you suggest?"

He Yingxiu said, "There is a river almost one point five kilometres southeast of He's house, that river completely freezes over in winter, I have seen tanks running on the ice when the troops were doing drills a few years ago, the helicopters must be fine too."

The pilot nodded: "It's so cold, the river must be able to hold it, so I'll do as you say and land on the river.