Amazing Son-in-law 2813 Charlie

  Xion was also well aware of Grandpa's temperament and character.

As her mother had said, he was too convinced of his own set of perceptions.

It was like those people in ancient times who believed in the geocentric theory, they just firmly believed that the earth was the centre of the whole universe and that the sun, and all the stars, were orbiting around the earth.

This seemingly absurd theory lasted for thousands of years in all the major civilisations of the Earth, until the sixteenth century, when it was gradually broken down by the heliocentric theory proposed by Copernicus.

It is clear that the four words "deep-rooted" have an impact on one's vision and pattern.

Therefore, even if He Yingxiu had described the elixir given by Charlie in the phone call as meticulously as possible, Lord He would never have believed it.

Right now, the best way, and the only way, was for He Yingxiu to personally return to Desert City and hand over the elixir to Lord He, only then would he be able to change his perceptions.

So, Xion hurriedly asked, "Mom, it's so late, how can you leave?"

He Yingxiu said helplessly, "I can't help it, there are no flights in civil aviation now either, the earliest we can wait until tomorrow morning, then it will be too late at all, so we still have to trouble Young Master wade to arrange a flight ......"

"OK!" Xion hurriedly picked up her phone and said: "I'll give Young Master wade a call here ......"

He Yingxiu stopped her and said, "This kind of thing, don't disturb Young Master wade, after all, Young Master wade is a family man, if you call him so late, it will be difficult for him to explain to his wife, it's better not to cause him any trouble."

Saying that, He Yingxiu added, "I think Young Master wade still trusts that Cameron very much, many things are left to him to arrange, I believe Cameron would have enough authority to arrange the plane, it's better to ask him."

Xion nodded and said, "Mom, then you wait a moment, I'll talk to the staff!"

Saying that, Xion hurriedly got up and hurried to the door, saying to the staff outside the door, "Please inform Mr. Cameron, I have an urgent matter to see him."

A few minutes later, Cameron rushed over at a trot.

When he saw Xion, he hurriedly asked, "What's the matter with Miss Banks?"

Xion roughly told him the matter, once Cameron heard that He Yingxiu needed to return to Desert City as soon as possible, he did not hesitate to say, "No problem, tell Ms. He to prepare, the helicopter on the roof can take off in ten minutes, go directly to Aurous Hill Airport, then transfer to a private plane to the northeast, I will arrange a helicopter in the northeast in advance as well, to ensure that Ms. He can be in the fastest time Rush to Desert City!"

Xion sighed with relief and said gratefully, "Thank you so much, Mr. Cameron!"

"You should!"

He Yingxiu had also changed her clothes and said to Xion, "Xion, I'm sorry, I was going to keep you company tonight, but I have to go again. ......"

Xion smiled and said, "Mom, it doesn't matter, I'm satisfied to see you, besides, I believe that Grandpa will choose to cooperate with Mr. Wade after seeing the pills he gave him, then you will definitely come back to Aurous Hill again, then we can see each other every day!"

"Yes!" He Yingxiu touched Xion's face and said lovingly, "You wait here for mum, and mum will also come back as soon as possible!"



When He Yingxiu hurried back to Desert City, Banks Anshun had already told Lord Banks the news that the He family had agreed to re-cooperate.

Once he heard that the He family would be able to move their family to Suhang tomorrow morning, Lord Banks was slightly relieved.

Although the strength of the He family might not be able to defeat the mysterious expert, it would at least make him a little safer.

He could also have more energy to think about how to mediate with his granddaughter Zara.