Amazing Son-in-law 2811 Charlie

Lord He did not understand why He Yingxiu said that.

He was very surprised and asked, "Yingxiu, what's wrong with you? Why have you suddenly started talking nonsense? You said that the entire He family may not be able to defeat one person, I want to ask you, what person is so powerful? Is it that young master wade?"

He Yingxiu said seriously, "Dad, I'm really not talking nonsense, we used to be too narrow-minded and thought that martial arts was the best strength, which was a big mistake.

"The best way out for our He family in the future is to cooperate with him in time!

Lord He opened his mouth and asked, "What kind of terms of cooperation did the young master wade give us? Can you give the Banks family as much as two billion a year?

He Yingxiu said: "Young Master wade gave our He family one - year one hundred million, as well as some cultivation resources that two billion could not even buy.

"One hundred million?" Lord He grunted:This amount of money is just to send off the callers, right? In addition you say what two billion can't even buy cultivation resources ? What is it ? Is it a medicinal herb worth over two billion dollars?"

He Yingxiu said with certainty, ''That's right! According to my personal estimation, these medicines are worth at least billions, and even billions may not be bought!''

Lord He hurriedly pursued: ''What are all the medicinal herbs? You tell me!

He Yingxiu said: ''It's five pills with excellent effects.

"What?" Lord He froze: "Five pills? Are you sure it's five pills and not five trainloads of herbs?

He Yingxiu said seriously: "It is indeed five pills, and these five pills are extremely effective beyond imagination!

Hearing this, Lord He laughed sarcastically twice: ''I really can't think of any elixir that can be so magical that one is worth four hundred million! Do you know how many rare herbs two billion can buy? Five trains is a bit exaggerated, but it's always possible to fill up a train, that's several thousand tons of precious herbs! It would be able to produce a large amount of Qi Tonic Pills and Body Awakening Soup, enough for the younger generation of our He Family to use at will! It doesn't even matter if we eat them for dinner!

He Yingxiu shook her head and said, "Even if the Qi Tonic and Body Awakening Soup were really eaten as food, what would they be? Eating them for ten years may not be worth a single potion."

Lord He's voice was tinged with a bit of anger as he said, "Ying Xiu, I know that in your heart you are not willing to accept this matter of the He family re-entering into cooperation with the Su family, but you should not deny the great achievements of our He family's ancestors just because of your personal emotions! The Qi Tonic Pill and Body Awakening Soup are one of the most important core strengths of the He Family. How could I have established the position of the He family? !"

He Yingxiu said, "Dad, I'm really not talking out of my ass, when you see this elixir, you will naturally understand''

Lord He did not believe He Yingxiu's words at all, sighed and said, "Yingxiu, I have already thought about it, when the Banks family's 2 billion is paid, I will give you another 200 million to use as funds to find Xion, so that your chances of finding Xion will also be greater, what do you think?"

He Yingxiu asked helplessly, "Dad, did you already promise Banks Anshun?

Yes. Lord He said, "I have promised Banks Anshun, I will announce this decision to the He family later, and tomorrow morning at ten o'clock, I will depart for Suhang."

He Yingxiu knew that there were many things he could not say to his father over the phone, and there were many things that he would not believe even if he said them