Amazing Son-in-law 2810 Charlie

Lord He said with some embarrassment, "Yingxiu ah ...... there is something that dad has to tell you, don't be angry after you hear it."

He Yingxiu was busy saying, "Dad, you can talk."

Lord He coughed twice and said, "Cough ...... is this ...... tonight, Banks Anshun suddenly came to Desert City ...... "

"Banks Anshun?!" He Yingxiu instantly frowned and asked, "What did he go to Desert City for?!"

Lord He said, "It's like this, Master Banks asked him to come over in the hope of putting aside the bad blood and re-cooperating with the He family ......"

"Re-cooperate?!" He Yingxiu immediately exploded and said angrily, "Dad! Lord Banks harmed Xion, who is not only your granddaughter, but also his own granddaughter! This kind of person has no kinship or human feelings in his eyes at all, the He family can't have anything to do with him anymore!"

Lord He sighed and said helplessly, "Yingxiu, you understand what you've said. To be honest, Dad also hates Lord Banks as much as you do, and even hates to kill him, but what's the use of that? We have no way to fight with the Banks family, which you also knew a long time ago, because of this, when Xion had an accident, we chose to leave the Banks family, but did not choose to go to the Banks family accountability, in the end, or the power disparity is too big ......"

He Yingxiu said angrily: "The strength gap is too big I admit, I also never thought that I want the He family to go against the Banks family, let the He family to avenge Xion, so when the initial separation from the Banks family, the matter of Xion endured, I and People are also accepting ......"

Speaking of this, He Yingxiu took off again, "What I can't accept is that you have now decided to go back to work with the Banks family again, isn't this like seeking skin with a tiger?!"

Lord He sighed, "Yingxiu! The price offered by the Banks family this time is really too much for me to refuse, I not only have to think about you and Xion, I also have to think about the entire He family, the He family is now struggling, our family of more than a hundred people, the old, the weak, women and children account for half, those who practice martial arts account for half, among these hundred people, there is not a single one who can make money, any one of them, is a mouth waiting to be fed!"

"Recently, the entire He family has been cutting back on expenses, the cost of living for the elderly and children has been greatly reduced, and the rationing of medicinal materials for cultivators has been cut by half. The foundation left behind by our ancestors will be ruined in my hands!"

But now, the Banks family is willing to continue to cooperate with the He family at a price of two billion dollars a year. With this two billion dollars, the current situation of the He family will be completely improved in one step, and even improved to an unprecedented new height.

clan, revitalizing the He family, is just around the corner!"

Hearing this, He Yingxiu could not help but sigh and said, "Dad ...... the so-called eight martial arts families in the country, the four largest martial arts families or even the largest martial arts family, these names are all false and have no real meaning ......"

"What?!"Lord He said with a bit of huffing and puffing, "Yingxiu! Our He family's ancestors have put in a lot of effort to push the He family to the status of the nation's top four martial arts families, and you're saying that these don't have any real meaning? Are you ashamed of your ancestors?"

He Yingxiu said seriously, "Dad, before today, like you, I thought that the He family's becoming one of the four major martial arts families in the country was far-reaching and precious, but today I completely understand that we are just frogs at the bottom of the well."

Speaking at this point, He Yingxiu paused and added, "Dad, can you believe that there is someone in this world who can directly open up a person's Ren Chakra to the Da Cheng realm with their own strength?"

Lord He blurted out, "Isn't that a fantasy? There is no shortage of masters among the old ancestors of the He family, but who can really achieve the realm of Great Success of the Ren Chakra? It's just an ideal state, like being immortal, but it's just a thought!"

He Yingxiu sighed, "That's why I said, we are frogs at the bottom of the well, we always think that the martial path is very powerful, we think that the four major martial arts families in the country are very high in gold, but in front of the real masters, even if we count the whole He family, we may not be able to defeat one of them, we may not be able to block one of their moves ......"