Amazing Son-in-law 2808 Charlie

  Lord He could also do the math and was naturally happier in his heart, so he said cheerfully, "Anshun, in that case, let's each make our own preparations, I'll inform the whole family to pack their luggage, you report back to Master Banks about the situation here, and then arrange for the bus and plane."

"Good!" Banks Anshun said excitedly, "In that case, please also ask Master He to prepare a room for me, I will go back to my room to coordinate these matters."

Lord He nodded and said to Chris, "Chris, you come and arrange it for Housekeeper Banks!"

Chris quickly smiled and said, "No problem, no problem! Housekeeper Banks, please come with me!"

Banks Anshun said, "Chris, you must arrange a warm room for me, it's too cold for me ......"

Chris smiled and said, "Don't worry, only those who practice kung fu in the He family sleep in unheated rooms, the rest are all heated, it's nearly 30 degrees in the house, you can wear short sleeves!"

"That's great!" Banks Anshun wrapped up his heavy down jacket and said offhandedly, "Take me there quickly, my face is cracking from this baking fire"

Chris was busy making a gesture of invitation and said, "Housekeeper Banks, this way please!"

Banks Anshun stood up and said to Lord He: "Lord He, in that case, then I will go there with Chris, besides, this Desert City is too far away, and the traffic is not convenient, I estimate that it will take several hours to coordinate the plane and bus, now it is almost twelve o'clock, we tentatively set to leave tomorrow morning at ten o'clock, what do you think? "

Lord He nodded without hesitation, "No problem, tomorrow at ten, on time!"

Banks Anshun smiled and cupped his fist, saying, "Elder He, then I'll leave first!"

After saying that, he followed Chris to the guest room.

When Lord He was left by himself, he suddenly froze up all by himself.

He thought of his daughter, He Yingxiu, and felt more than a little intolerant and guilty in his heart.

He knew that he could not give up the opportunity for the He family to soar to great heights just because he was concerned about his daughter's thoughts.

That was why he did not hesitate to agree to the Banks family's request for cooperation.

Now, his only worry is that he doesn't know how to open up to He Yingxiu, and if He Yingxiu knows, will he therefore complain since Himself.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but feel, "Ying Xiu regards Xion as more important than herself, if I go back to work with the Banks family, I think this matter, she will definitely not forgive me ......"

"However, the Banks family this two billion in hand, then also can give Yingxiu another amount of money, so that she can continue to look for Xion, this way, it is also a solution."

"At that time, Ying Xiu can not need to go to the Banks family, just take the Banks family's money and continue to search for Xion outside, even if she can never find Xion, let her keep searching like this, she can still have a thought for herself ......"

A thought to this, his heart slightly relieved a little bit.

The time was a little late, but for a practiced man like He Yingxiu, it was nothing.

So he took out his mobile phone and gave He Yingxiu a call.

He felt that some things should be made clear in advance.

If he told He Yingxiu tomorrow after the whole family had gone to Suhang, then her resentment towards him would definitely be deeper.

A step of moving and reasoning first, paired with the promise of money, might make her understand herself and accept her arrangement!


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