Amazing Son-in-law 2806 Charlie

  So what if the forest fires are fierce?

A tsunami is enough to submerge an entire forest, let alone a forest fire.

This, then, is the bottom line of the debacle.

Banks Anshun did not speak again for half a day.

His eyes, like a falcon's, had been keenly observing the father and son in front of him, taking note of all their facial changes, eye changes and even their movements.

Reading people's words is Banks Anshun's greatest skill.

Having been by Master Bank's side for so many years, his eyes were almost more accurate than a lie detector.

He was able to clearly and firmly determine that the father and son in front of him had moved on.

This caused him to finally breathe a sigh of relief as well.

Secretly, he thought: "His Lordship was still worried that two billion would not move the He family, but it seems that this He family's psychological price is not at all as high as His Lordship expected, two billion seems to be a bit too much to give, if I were to start talking from one billion, a few tug-of-war back and forth repeatedly, I would definitely be able to deal with the He family within one and a half billion! It's a pity that I lost at least 500 million for nothing, and if the price continues at this level, 2 billion a year will be 200 million in ten years, which means that it will cost me at least 50 million more in ten years.

However, on second thought:But, right now the Banks family is in great crisis and the old man himself ......

The safety of the family has become a problem, and it is really not the time to bargain, hurry up and get the He family over, and protect the old man's safety is the most important thing, the old man must also have his own planning, this price, at most, will give the He family to maintain a year or two, once the crisis is lifted, the old man will definitely not continue to use such a high price to support the He family.

Thinking of this, Banks Anshun's heart was somewhat relieved.

Then, he opened his mouth and asked Lord He, "Elder He, I wonder what you think?"

Lord He felt a dryness in his throat and swallowed his saliva before saying, "I didn't expect that Master Banks would think so highly of him.

Banks Anshun laughed and said, "Of course, our master has valued the He family for more than a day or two.

He said, Banks Anshun waved his hand and laughed: ''Elder He, let's not talk about these falsehoods, I have just conveyed all the words of the master to you, you are the head of the He family, whether the He family is willing to accept the invitation of the master, you have to give me a clear answer ah.

Lord He nodded as he calmly analysed the pros and cons of this matter for the He family to say yes, or not to say yes.

If he said yes, the benefits would be too many to count.

By rejoining the Banks family and having sufficient money, he would be able to provide the various resources needed to cultivate the martial arts dao for the He family's descendants at any cost and regardless of the cost.

Perhaps in a few years' time, the He family would be able to produce a group of outstanding geniuses like Xion.

This would be of great significance to the He Family.

This was because once the overall strength of the younger generation had improved significantly, then the entire He family would be able to quickly pull ahead of its rivals.

The He Family has been in existence for hundreds of years, and the greatest dream of every head of the family has been for the Ho Family to reach the top of the martial arts family in China.

To reach the top means to see all the mountains.

It is no longer one of the Eight Great Families, one of the Four Great Families, or one of the Three Great Families.

Rather, it was the biggest and strongest one!

No more one of them!

This, then, was the benefit of promising the Su Family.

Conversely, what were the disadvantages of agreeing to the Banks Family?

When Lord He thought about it, it seemed that apart from feeling uncomfortable in his heart, feeling sorry for his daughter He Yingxiu and his granddaughter Xion, there was nothing left.

There is really nothing else.

On the one hand was the hundred-year plan of the He family, and on the other was the disappointment of his daughter and granddaughter.

As soon as the scales were tipped, there was already a world of difference.

Suddenly, Lord He felt that he did not need to hesitate any longer on such issues.

Why hesitate any longer?