Amazing Son-in-law 2804 Charlie

 Lord He smiled faintly and said to Chris, who was following him, "Chris, go and bring a pot of charcoal fire to Anshun, and have someone turn up the heat.

Chris said, "Yes, father."

Banks Anshun was busy smiling and echoing the words, "Chris, you've worked hard!

Chris was not as senior as his father, so he was still very respectful to Banks Anshun, he bowed slightly and said respectfully, "There is no need to be so polite, Steward Banks, you wait for a moment, I will be right there."

Lord He invited Banks An Shun to sit on the cold wooden chair, he just sat down, but he couldn't help it, he stood up again and said: "Aiya Lord He, I'd better wait for the charcoal fire to come, it's too cold, I can't stand it!

Lord He nodded and said, "It's our fault for not being very hospitable."

Banks Anshun was busy waving his hands:

"No, no.

It's my fault for coming here at night, it's too presumptuous."

Lord He didn't continue to be polite with him and asked, 'Anshun, I wonder what Master Banks has asked you to come here for this time?"

Banks Anshun said busily, "Elder He, it's like this, the master is really guilty and ashamed about the matter of Xion, he knows that you must be angry with him in your heart, so he sent me over to see you and asked me to convey his ......

I apologize to you and to the He family, and I hope that we can turn our differences into peace with you.

Lord He laughed dryly and said, "Anshun, please also go back and tell Master Banks, Xion's surname is Banks after all, although it was my He family that raised her, but the day she was sent back to the Banks family, it was like returning her to the Banks family, Master Banks decided to sacrifice her for the sake of the Banks family, this kind of thing although I am Xion's grandfather, but I am also an outsider, so Master Banks does not need to apologize to me. "

Lord He did not say this from the bottom of his heart.

He actually loved Xion very much.

Lord Banks had betrayed Xion, and he also had great resentment in his heart.

However, he knew that he was too far from the Banks family, and if he said that he held a grudge against the He family in front of Banks Anshun today, it would undoubtedly be turning the Banks family into enemies.

Therefore, he deliberately used this kind of rhetoric that Xion was a member of the Banks family and he was an outsider, so that on the one hand, he could not directly offend the Banks family on this topic, and on the other hand, he could also subtly express his dissatisfaction with the Banks family.

After all, a person who can even sacrifice his own granddaughter is nothing worthy of his Lord He's continued friendship, so it is best to just go your own way in the future, and no one should bother each other anymore.

Banks Anshun like a human being, which can not hear the meaning of Lord He's words. ......

But he still spoke very wisely: "You are right, Elder He, since Xion is the young master's illegitimate daughter, she is definitely the Banks family bloodline, but even so, the old master he still feels a lot of guilt towards you and the He family, after all, half of the bloodline flowing in Xion's body is from the He family

Lord He was a little annoyed, he found that Banks Anshun was always unwilling to move the topic away from Xion.

In fact, he already didn't want to break up with the Banks family on this topic, so why did he still hold on to it?

When he was puzzled, Banks Anshun opened his mouth and said: "Elder He, in fact, what the master means is that the He family and the Banks family are not just ordinary master and servant relations, after all, the He family has bred a bloodline for the Banks family, the master is therefore deeply guilty and also very much hopes to be able to give the He family a certain amount of compensation for this matter.

While talking, Lord He's eldest son, Chris, came in carrying an iron charcoal fire pit. Hearing this, he was overjoyed and placed the fire pit in front of Banks Anshun while waiting for Banks Anshun's next words with uncontrollable surprise.

He wanted to know what exactly the Banks family lord was willing to give to the He family to make amends.

At that moment, Banks Anshun poked his hand into his inner pocket, took out a check, handed it to Lord He and said: "Elder He, this is a cash check for one billion, which the master entrusted me to bring to you.