Amazing Son-in-law 2803 Charlie

  In fact, from the very beginning when they wanted to find Xion, Chris had held an opposing view.

He felt that at that time, the whole world knew that it was Master Banks who betrayed Xion, and the He family still had to find Xion under those circumstances, wasn't it just a clear case of going against Master Banks?

The best option would be for the He family to say and do nothing, so that Master Banks could clearly see what would happen if the He family stood with the Banks family at all times and was willing to accept Xion for the sake of the Banks family.

In that case, Master Banks will definitely give more benefits to the He family, and Xion will die with his life to give more benefits to the He family.

It is a pity that Xion's mother, He Ying Xiu is angry because of her death, but the old man also wants to draw a clear line with the He family.

Now it's a good thing.

It was a good thing that Xion's death could be exchanged for some benefits, but it turned out that the benefits were not exchanged, and the He family's own income was completely involved, which in his opinion was too irrational.

Therefore, he is now very eager that the He family can re-establish a cooperative relationship with the Banks family.

Just before He ......

When Chris was full of expectation, the helicopter had landed smoothly in the courtyard.

Before the paddles came to a complete stop, Banks Anshun jumped out of the helicopter and ran all the way towards Lord He with his hand outstretched from a long distance.

As soon as he arrived, Banks Anshun took the initiative to grab Lord He's hand and said respectfully: "Old man He, I haven't seen you for many days!

Lord He can only laugh: "Anshun, long time no see, how are you doing?

Banks Anshun sighed: "Not good, not good at all, without you old man, I can not be well?"

After saying that, he hurriedly said: "The master specially asked me to greet you, and said that the previous incident, he has been extraordinarily guilty, very sorry, originally the master wanted to come personally, but it is really a long way, and the master is too old, can not afford to toss and turn, so I had no choice but to come on his behalf!

Lord He could only say with a flattered look: "Oh, what can I do to deserve such attention from Master Banks?

He said, hurriedly gestured, said: "Anshun, outside is too cold, move inside to say it!"

Banks An Shun nodded repeatedly and sighed, "It's really cold in Desert City, it must be minus twenty degrees, right?"

Lord He said indifferently, "The lowest temperature tonight is minus 35 degrees."

"That's too scary, let's talk inside or I'll be freezing in a few minutes", said Banks Anshun, grinning.

Lord He took a step ahead of him and led him to the main hall.

As soon as Banks Anshun entered the main hall, he couldn't help but ask, "Old man He, why is it still so cold in this house?

Lord He smiled and said: "The He family practices a special gongfu method, the lower the temperature the better, that's why we came to Desert City, there is a little heating in the main hall, that's why the temperature stays above zero degrees, the water doesn't freeze.

Holy sh*t.

Banks Anshun scowled and said, "It's a good thing I'm not a member of your family, otherwise I would have frozen to death!