Amazing Son-in-law 2799 Charlie

 Fitz quietly came to find Zara in the middle of the night with one purpose in mind: to find out what Zara and her mother had gone through this time, and who had saved them.

At the dinner table, he also listened to his mother talk about the specific process of the experience, which is the so-called mysterious person to save, but never showed up the version of the story.

Although there are no obvious holes in the logic, however, Fitz always felt that something was not quite right.

In addition, his grandfather,Lord Banks, felt that the incident was probably related to the benefactor who had saved him and his sister in Japan, so he thought he would ask Zara in private to see if he could get her words.

As soon as he entered Zara's room, Fitz asked with concern, "Zhiyu, you haven't suffered much these days, have you?"

"No ......" Zara moved a smile, said: "brother, at the dinner table, did not all said, did not eat what suffering, but rather every day eat, sleep, sleep, eat, grow a lot of meat. "

"No is good ......" Fitz sighed in relief and sighed: "Brother is afraid that you suffer suffering, after all, after such a big car accident, casual injuries are also very difficult to suffer." ......

Zara nodded and followed his words, "Actually, that's a small thing, after all, they have arranged a very professional medical team."

Fitz asked curiously, "Zara, what is the origin of the mysterious people who saved you and mom? Why would they quietly save you? And also quietly give you treatment, did not let the outside world receive any news at all."

"I don't know." Zara said, "This I can not say ...... after all, I have not seen anyone, they have not told us to the end, why in the end to save us ......"

Fitz looked at Zara, said seriously: "Zara, you tell brother the truth, is there something hidden you did not say at the dinner table in front of Grandpa and the others?"

Zara was busy saying, "No, what I said was the actual situation."

Fitz frowned and suddenly asked, "Zara, the person who saved you and mom, wouldn't be the benefactor, right?!"

Fitz's sudden remark immediately made Zara a little surprised, and only after a moment did she come back to her senses and hastily denied: "How could it be ...... I tried everything to find my benefactor before but couldn't find ......

He also said that she was in Japan and would not have come to Aurous Hill."

Fitz had been observing Zara's expression, and he noticed that when he had just talked about her grandfather, Zara's expression was obviously a bit stunned and nervous, and her denial immediately afterwards also smelled like she was trying to cover up the truth.

Out of his knowledge of his sister, he was almost certain that she was lying.

The person who had really saved her and her mother was the benefactor who had saved her and her sister in Kyoto, Japan!

Thinking of this, Fitz suddenly felt a pang of nervousness!

"That benefactor was already a top expert with superb strength, he easily killed several top ninjas by himself, while he himself was unharmed, this kind of strength is almost an existence that the Banks family can't even resist ......"

"If it's true that he saved mum and Zara, then it proves that he himself is in Aurous Hill! In that case, there would be an answer to the disappearance of second uncle and dad, and apart from him, no second possibility can be thought of ......"

"If we do the math like that, then although he saved mum and Zara, he himself is probably on the opposite side of the Banks family ......"

So, Fitz decided to set out some more details.