Amazing Son-in-law 2794 Charlie

  Charlie laughed: "Buckingham Palace(Shangri la) is after all the best hotel in Aurous Hill, SPA such things are followed by the hotel integrated operation, the grade naturally can not be low, but money is not a problem, they that Cameron happens to be my customer, I go to him can also ask for an internal price, maybe even give a free bill.

That's great!" Elaine was excited, excitedly said: "Good son-in-law, then you tomorrow - morning to help Mom contact contact? Mom is really tired of staying at home these days, if you can go to a spa early to relax, not only good for physical and mental health, maybe for my leg recovery is also helpful!"

Charlie nodded, said: "I will help you ask, but the premise is that you do not fight with Dad here again.

Elaine did not hesitate to say: " good son-in-law you do not worry, I do not bother with him in general, I look at him in the future count me Elaine lost!"

Charlie also did not delay, immediately took out his cell phone, sent a WeChat voice to Cameron, spoke: "Mr. Cameron, Ela ......

My mother-in-law wants a VIP card for the spa at Buckingham Palace, see if you can arrange it, preferably one where all the items are free."

Cameron returned the message in almost seconds: "Master wade, the VIP card is a small matter, you wait a moment, I will personally send it home for you.

Charlie then said, "Mr. Cameron, you don't need to make the trip yourself, just arrange for one of your men to send it over.''

Cameron said: ''Master wade, don't mention it, I'm going out to do something, I'm passing by Townsend One, I'll send it to you right away.

Charlie knew that he could not be passing by, but seeing that he insisted on delivering it personally, he did not insist and said to him: ''Then it will be hard for you, Mr. Cameron.

"You're very kind, Master wade."

Hearing this, Elaine's whole face turned red with excitement and said excitedly, "Damn, my son-in-law just has face, boy, with this one phone call, Isaac Cameron of Buckingham Palace personally gave the VIP card, it's amazing!"

After saying that, she hurriedly asked Charlie ......

: "Good son-in-law, is this card something that you can just use and not spend money on?"

Charlie smiled faintly : "I think so, we still have to wait for Mr. Cameron to come to know exactly."

Elaine has been happy to fly, two hands a moment to the left, a moment to the right, but also forgot to throw out the wave-like curve, full of joy said: "Buckingham Palace SPA, the average person can not go once a year, if I can have a free VIP card, I will go every day, simply every morning. After dinner on the go, and then back at night!

Jacob said: "You can simply move over to live.

Elaine also did not fight with him, smiling and said: " You think I do not want to ah? If you were the only old bastard in the house, I would have moved there and not come back."

After saying that, she turned her words, flattering smile: "But there are still my good son-in-law and my good daughter at home, not to mention that I have to cook breakfast for my good son-in-law every day, which is like you, just know to reach out and open your mouth, never see you do something for your good son-in-law