Amazing Son-in-law 2792 Charlie

  Claire had just had dinner with her parents, and when she saw Charlie return, she hurriedly went forward to help him take off his coat and said with surprise: "Honey, how come you came back in such a short time after going out this time?"

Charlie laughed: "This time, it was a relatively simple matter, so I came back straight after dealing with it in the past.

Claire asked, " Then have you had dinner yet? I made lo mein noodles in the evening, it's quite delicious, why don't I lay some more noodles for you?" 

Charlie asked curiously, "Claire, aren't you quite busy these days? Why do you have so much time today, and you even cooked _on your own."

Claire laughed: "I went to a meeting with the Emgrand Group this afternoon, the first stage of the proposal has completely passed the Emgrand Group's review, so I was able to relax a little bit, it just so happens that I came home early today, the garlic moss in our vegetable garden grew quite well, so I picked a little bit and made garlic shoots fried with meat and marinated noodles."

As she said that, she hurriedly took Charlie's hand and walked towards the dining room, saying as she went, "You went for such a short time this trip, it must have been hard to travel back and forth, so just do it first and I'll cook the noodles for you!

Seeing that Claire was so concerned about himself, Charlie's heart was filled with emotion, he nodded gently and smiled: " Then it will be hard on your wife.

Claire smiled sweetly:" Which is not ......

Hard work, not hard work at all."

When he entered the restaurant, his father-in-law and his mother-in-law had just finished their meal, and when they saw Charlie enter, his father-in-law was overjoyed and said, "Aiya! My good son-in-law is back, where did he go this time? You're back so soon."

Charlie smiled faintly and said, "Although the time he went out this time was not long, the distance he went was indeed very far, a trip to Syria of 6,000 kilometres was equivalent to a round trip from Aurous Hill to Japan.

But naturally, he could not tell his husband that he had gone to Syria, so he said with a smile, "This time I went to Haicheng, which is not far away, and it is only a three-hour drive.

The city of the sea?

Claire's father asked curiously:

"In that case, your client is Travis lane, the richest man in Haicheng?

Charlie said with a smile, "Dad's guess is really accurate!"

Claire's father laughed: "my old brain is no exception!

A - side of Claire's mother bristled: "Just that brain of yours, what can't you do, what can't you eat enough, and you still have the face to brag about it?"

Claire's father was furious and blurted out, "I said, I didn't invite you here, did I? What are you doing with this?"

Claire's mother said disdainfully, ''What's wrong? Is it a crime for me to tell the truth? I'm not even in this family yet. ......

What's the point of talking?

The two of you should not always seize the opportunity to argue, it hurts your feelings.

Claire's mother hurriedly said: "Hey hey hey, good son-in-law, I interrupt, I and this man can not have much feelings, after all, are separated.

Claire's father grunted: "Hey, you finally said a human word, I have no feelings with you, we are now at best neighbors."

Claire's mother immediately slammed the table, angrily shouted: I give you face is not it? I said a sentence, you have three sentences here bla bla wait, long ability?

Charlie hurriedly rounded up: "Aigoo mom, you also do not get angry, Dad is not a joke with you?

After saying that, and hurried to look at his father-in-law, squeezed eyebrows and said: "Dad, you just finished eating, that idle is also idle, why not go out and run it, now the weather has also turned warm, to the riverside running, help digestion, but also to strengthen the body, how happy ah.

The meaning of Charlie's words is for Xiao Changkun to find his College sweetheart(Jane).

Isn't it true that Jane likes to go running by the river? It's just as well to let his father-in-law take advantage of his own words to find Jane.

But when Claire's father heard that he was going to run by the river, he quickly waved his hand and said, "I'm not going. My leg still hurts, and I'm sure it won't get better for another ten days and a half months!