Amazing Son-in-law 2791 Charlie

  After Zara's accident, the person she missed the most was her brother Fitz.

After all, there were only four members in their small family, and her mother had always been with her, while her father had some stains that she could not accept, so she naturally missed her brother the most.

Moreover, she had experienced life and death with her brother in Japan, so the bond between her siblings was deeper.

Although Fitz was disappointed at heart, he still pretended to be heartbroken as he gently patted her back and lamented: "Zara, it's best if you and mum are okay, I've been worried sick this whole time!

When Grandpa Du Zhenhua(Lord Thorne) heard this, he looked on coldly from the side and was more or less dissatisfied in his heart.

He always felt that this grandson of his had become a bit hypocritical recently.

When something happened to his mother and sister, Fitz was indeed very anxious at first, even going so far as to have an argument with his grandfather and drive to Aurous Hill alone overnight.

However, these days, Du Zhenhua(Lord Thorne) felt that Fitz seemed to be paying less and less attention to his mother and sister's affairs.

Although he has still been in Aurous Hill, he has rarely been directly involved in the search for the whereabouts of the two, and is busy every day with some concert, feeling as if the concert is more important than his mother and sister ......

The sister was a few points more important.

However, Du Zhenhua(Lord Thorne) naturally did not say anything at this time, and the dissatisfaction in his heart was also suppressed in his heart.

At this time, Haifeng spoke up, "Fitz, you and Zara hurry up and sit down, just as we have just started to eat, so you can also drink together to celebrate the safe return of your mother and sister!"

Fitz hurriedly said, "Yes, Great Uncle!"

After sitting down, Fitz joined the rest of his family and raised his glass again to celebrate, but he had a question in his mind: who had saved his mother and sister?

But with so many people at the table, he couldn't ask Zara in detail, so he could only put this question to the back of his mind for the time being.

While he was having a drink with his family, his mobile phone suddenly received a WeChat message.

He looked down and saw that it was his grandfather, Lord Banks, who had sent the message.

He hastily clicked on it and saw the message from Lord Banks, which read, "Fitz, I want to know if the person who saved your mother and your sister this time is the Chinese who saved you in Japan, you and Zara have always been close, you must find a way to get the truth out of Zara!"

Fitz's heart thudded and he thought, "Why is Grandpa asking that? Could it be that the benefactor really saved Mom and Zara? But ......

How could he suddenly appear in Aurous Hill and save Zara once again when he was in Japan and Zara had searched for him for so long to no avail? Could he be a stalker who has been secretly following Zara? Then why didn't he show up when Zara had been looking for him for so long? It felt strange and unexplainable.

When he thought of the disappearance of his second uncle and father in Aurous Hill, Fitz felt even more confused.

I had a feeling that it was unlikely to be Eungyong, otherwise even if he was secretly protecting Zara, there was no need for him to attack my second uncle and my father one after another, right? The Banks family had never offended him, and had even received many favours from him, so why would he do it to them?

After thinking about it for a long time,Fitz could only put these thoughts behind him for the time being and quietly replied to Lord Banks, "Yes grandpa, I will definitely try to ask Zara about it."

While Deana and Zara were reunited with their families, Charlie also returned to his home.

This trip to Syria did not take too long, and although Charlie had flown tens of thousands of kilometres back and forth, and many more things had happened, in reality it was only one night apart.

Therefore, when he returned home, his wife Claire and his father-in-law and mother-in-law(Claire's father & mother) all found it very surprising.