Amazing Son-in-law 2789 Charlie

  Just as Fitz was driving back to the Du family's old mansion, while Banks Housekeeper departed for the airport overnight, the Du(Thorne) family's old mansion, at this time, had become a sea of joy.

The Du(Thorne) family siblings had been nurtured to be exceptionally united since they were young under the teachings of the old man.

In fact, even though siblings are the closest relatives, in the end, in most families with many children, it is difficult for them to be absolutely close to each other.

Especially when the children are adults and have their own families, the importance of the extended family with the siblings is naturally much less than that of a small family with a wife and children.

This is why it is common to see siblings fighting over family assets, or fighting over parental support, in real life and on the TV news.

This is not only the case in poor families, but also in rich ones.

But the Du(Thorne) family's siblings were really twisted into a rope.

When something happened to Deana, her siblings dropped everything they were doing and did whatever it took to find her and her daughter.

Now that the two of them have finally returned safely, the siblings are naturally overjoyed!

Eldest sister Haiping has already asked the back kitchen to recreate a ......

The table was waiting for her sister and niece to arrive, so the family could celebrate.

But when they returned, Haiping couldn't be bothered to organize a meal, hugging her sister, who was safe and sound, and bursting into tears.

The family gathered around the mother and daughter and asked them a lot of questions, just to find out who had taken them away after the accident in the tunnel. Where did they go after they were taken away? They must have been seriously injured in the accident, but who healed them?

When we woke up again, we were already lying in a hospital room, and we couldn't see anything related to the name of the hospital, and the doctors who came to treat us were all wearing masks. wore masks, and it was impossible to recognise exactly who they were."

 Haifeng hurriedly asked her, "Then did you take note of the surroundings, such as what are the more distinctive buildings outside the windows?"

"No." Deana shook his head and said, "In our ward, the windows are all taped with opaque black glass film on the outside, so nothing can be seen, and all this time our mother and father have been in the room, and the other ......

We were given food and drink and provided with all the daily necessities we needed, but we just weren't allowed to leave."

Zhenhua(Lord Thorne) was surprised and asked, "So how did they let you leave now?"

"I don't know." Deana lied, "They suddenly brought me and Zara out from above, then gave me a mobile phone to contact my family, and then it was me who called you."

Du Zhenhua(Lord Thorne) frowned and pondered, "This thing sounds very strange, the person who saved you, should have very strong strength, he saved you two mothers. He also gave you two mothers treatment, at the end of the day, he was not even willing to reveal his identity, nor did he mention any conditions before releasing you back, I can't figure out what he was busy with this big circle, in the end for what ......"


Ocean spoke up, "Dad, maybe the other party is a rival of the Banks family, they are not used to seeing what the Banks family is doing, so they took action to save Deana and Zara."

Du Zhenhua(Lord Thorne) asked rhetorically, "The Banks family's rivals? Who? The wade family? The wade family may be ranked second, but how can they have that kind of ability?"

 Ocean nodded gently, "Dad has a point ...... the wade family should not have this ability ......"

After saying that, he hurriedly asked Deana again, "Deana, you and Zara have been rescued for so long, haven't you found any clues at all?"