Amazing Son-in-law 2788 Charlie

 I don't want it to be him, but now it seems like the nail in the coffin. Who else is so strong that they were able to save Deana and Zara from the accident? Apart from this person, who else could have kidnapped James under his men's nose and without making a sound? Who else could have made Zayne disappear for no apparent reason? !

Banks Anshun(Banks Housekeeper) blurted out, "Master, if that's the case, then your personal security must be stepped up! Otherwise, if this person were to make a move against you, and our preventive forces were not strong enough, we would be no match for him''

Lord Banks nodded his head repeatedly and said in agreement, ''That's right! The biggest problem now is that our force is severely lacking, the He family(Xion's mother's family) has all withdrawn, only He Lao and some other bodyguards are guarding the courtyard, I'm afraid they are no match for that mysterious man.

With that, he immediately instructed Banks Anshun: "Anshun! You must fly to the Northeast Desert City immediately!

Banks Anshun exclaimed, "To Desert City? Master, you want me to go see He Hong Sheng? !

! "Yes!" Lord Banks ......

Feng spoke, "Go see He Hongsheng(Lord of He family) and apologize to him on my behalf for Xion's matter, and also tell him that if the He family is willing to ignore past grudges and continue to serve the Banks family, I can give them two billion RMB a year!"

"Two billion a year? !" Banks Anshun said, dumbfounded, "Master, the compensation we gave them before was 200 million a year, all the way up to 600 million, to be honest this amount is already very high, if you increase it to 2 billion all of a sudden, this is more than triple!

Lord Banks waved his hand: "What's a threefold increase? The most important thing is to solve the pressing problem! There is a powerful enemy behind the Banks family that cannot be seen or felt, if we don't defend ourselves well, in case - one day - even I am caught by the other side, won't the Banks family be completely ruined?

Banks Anshun hurriedly bowed and said, "Master, Anshun understands! An Shun will depart now and go to Desolate City to see He Hong Sheng, the He family head!

Lord Banks nodded and wrote a cash cheque of one billion directly and handed it to Banks Anshun, saying: ''Take this cheque with you and hand it to He Hongsheng yourself, tell him that whether he accepts my invitation or not, this ......

He can keep all the cheques.

After a pause, Lord Banks added: "If he accepts the invitation, this will be taken as me paying him 50% of his salary in advance; if he doesn't accept, then this money will be taken as me giving compensation to the He family for what happened to Xion, after all, it was me who wronged them.

Banks Anshun couldn't help but say, "Master, if He Hongsheng really chooses the latter, then wouldn't the one billion be just meat on the bone?"

Lord Banks shook his head and said, "You don't understand, most people who learn martial arts have an arrogance, especially those like He Hongsheng who are quite accomplished in the martial arts path! I know He Hongsheng's character, he is destined to only choose to reject my invitation completely or accept it outright, there is no way he will choose to take the money and not do anything, so this is just a polite way to gain more goodwill from him."

Banks Anshun busily said, "Yes, Master, I understand, then I will depart now!"

Lord Banks nodded slightly and said:

Go, there is no airport in Desert City, you have to arrange the helicopter from the nearby airport in advance, so that you can save the maximum time.

"Yes, Master.