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Fitz laughed and said: "Since we want to have fun with the people, naturally we have to be more atmospheric, how about this, give me a first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes, first prize, is a Rolls Royce Phantom; second prize, is a Bentley Mulsanne; third prize, is a Mercedes-Benz big G!

The assistant said in awe: "Young master, your lottery is too big, right? As far as I know, the biggest prize in the online lottery is not more than one million!


Fitz laughed and said proudly: It's all about the big! What one person 10,000 dollars in cash, draw dozens of a hundred of this is too meaningless, petty, not enough to force the topic to the hottest, so we directly draw hundreds of millions of luxury cars, and a draw is six units! When the time comes to stretch the lottery time a little longer, a month! This month's time is enough to heat up to burst!

The assistant hastily agreed and said: "Okay, young master, I will let the notary department come out to notarize the event to ensure that it is real and valid, so that netizens can participate with confidence and boldness!


Fitz nodded his head in satisfaction, and

Said: "This matter is left to you. I must make the heat to the extreme. In addition, I must recruit a large number of naval forces and push hands, and let them post soft articles to me on the Internet!

The assistant asked: "Young master, the category and direction of the soft text you have specified the scope? ......

"Of course!" Fitz laughed: '"Be sure to find me those very famous big V, net celebrities and opinion leaders in marriage and emotions, and it's best to choose more women, to tell them that when writing soft articles, the tone - must be crazy envious of Stephanie to have a The company's main goal is to create a new and better image for Mr. S. The company's main goal is to create a new and better image for Mr. S. The company's main goal is to create a new and better image for Mr. S. The company's main goal is to create a new and better image for Mr. S.

The assistant also said with some excitement: " The time will come to strengthen the mysterious Mr. S several persona labels, infatuation, deep love, heart, and more gold! It will definitely become the national husband that girls all over the country are crazy about!

Fitz said with a smile, "The four words "National Husband" have a really low gold content.

The assistant thought he had flattered the horse's leg and hurriedly changed his tone: "Yes, yes, with your status as young master, which is comparable to those so-called national husbands!

"Right young master, Miss Stephanie's name because there is a 'Yi' word, her fans use the harmonic, give her a loving name called little aunt', so Miss Stephanie is the national aunt, then you will naturally be the national aunt husband!

"Hahahaha!" Fitz nodded his head repeatedly and said happily: "National aunt husband, nice nice, I like this ......

A name!

As he was talking, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

The caller was his grandfather, Du Zhenhua(Lord Thorne).

Fitz felt a bit overwhelmed, he knew that his grandfather had been desperately searching for his mother and sister's whereabouts for some time, calling for himself to go to a meeting at every turn, and once - the meeting was held, he was assigned various tasks, which was very annoying and delayed him.

In fact, Fitz has been completely enlightened since he talked to his father, Zayne.

He wasn't very interested in finding his mother and sister, because he knew that the best situation at the moment would be for his grandfather's reputation to be completely ruined and for his father, Zayne, to have to be pushed to the front of the stage.

Moreover, because of what had happened to his mother and sister, Grandpa had more or less felt guilty about himself and his father, so it was very likely that he would inherit the Banks family in the future.

Under such circumstances, he really did not have much motivation to look for his mother and sister.

However, he did not dare not answer Grandpa's call, so he could only reluctantly pick up the phone.

He was about to ask what Grandpa wanted when Du Zhenhua (Lord Thorne) on the other side of the phone asked, "Fitz, where are you now?"

Fitz said, "Grandpa, I'm talking about some business, why? What's the matter?"

Du Zhenhua(Lord Thorne) blurted out, "Go home, your mother and your sister are back!