Amazing Son-in-law 2781 Charlie

  "What?! Haiqing?!"

When the aged Zhenhua heard Deana's voice, his whole body was simply struck by lightning!

He heard his daughter's voice, but he couldn't believe that this - everything was true.

So in this instant, he felt as if his heart had doubled in speed all of a sudden, and that violent beating shook the entire chest cavity with a vague pain.

He covered his chest as he - while subconsciously confirming: "Are you really Deana? !

When these words came out, several of the surrounding Du(Thorne) family children were also stunned!

He asked, "Dad, is it really Deana? !"

Ocean hurriedly said, "Dad, turn on the speaker!

 Zhenhua hastily turned on the speaker of his mobile phone and heard Deana choking on the other end of the phone, "Dad, it's really me, I'm still alive, and Zara is also alive, right beside me."

Zara also said with a sobbing voice, "Wai, it's me. I am Zara!

The whole Du(Thorne) family burst into a frenzy!

 Zhenhua stood up at once and asked out of the blue, "Please, you ......

Where are the two of you now?

Deana said, "We are in the outskirts of Aurous Hill City, Dad, there are not many people here, so we still need you to arrange someone to pick us up."

The first time I saw you, I had to go to the city.

Deana then said, "I will immediately use this phone to add your WeChat and send you the address."

 Zhenhua said offhandedly:" You first give me an approximate location, which direction are you in Jinling? I'll head that way first!"

Deana hurriedly looked at Cameron, who said a north side without making a sound with his mouth, so Du Haiqing hurriedly said, "Dad, I'm in the north side of Aurous Hill.

"Good!" Zhenhua was so excited that he was busy saying, "You can send me the address on WeChat now, I'll go out immediately now!

After hanging up the phone, Zhenhua excitedly said to Haifeng and Deana: " Haifeng, Haiyang, go get the car ready, you two go with me to pick them up.

Du Haiping hurriedly said, "Dad, I'll go too!"

 Zhenhua waved his hand: "Hai Ping, don't go, let the cook, doctor and aunt ......

Get it all ready, prepares the meals, get ready for the check-ups, and also get the bedrooms cleaned up."

He said, "I don't know how the two of them have come through these days, and whether they have suffered."

 Haiping nodded, " Okay dad, I'll arrange it now."

Du Zhenhua said, "I'll make the arrangements," and greeted his two sons and hurried out the door.

On the other hand, Deana also sent the exact location to his father, Zhenhua.

Du Haifeng drove a seven-seater business car from home, carrying the old man and his younger brother, and hurriedly drove towards the northern suburbs.

On the road, Du Hai Feng, who was sitting on the passenger side. The first time I saw the car was in the back of the car, I couldn't help but look back at Du Zhenhua, who was sitting in the back row, and say, "Dad, where do you think Deana and Zara have been all this time? I think the location is only 20 to 30 kilometres away from us, but I've searched all over Aurous Hill during this time, but I haven't found any clues at all.

I'm not sure if I've found any clues.

"Yes!" We searched the entire administrative district of Aurous Hill, basically all of them.