Amazing Son-in-law 2776 Charlie

  "What did you say?!" He Yingxiu instantly tensed up and asked offhandedly, "Do they live here too, mother and daughter?! Then do they know that I am here?"

In her heart, He Yingxiu had always felt very guilty towards Deana.

After all, when she had that kind of relationship with her husband when she was pregnant, and then gave birth to Xion, no matter how you put it, she was a third party who interfered in someone else's marriage, and did so when the other party was pregnant.

Therefore, she was very afraid of seeing Deana again.

Xion said at this time, "The two of them could not have known that you were here, after Duke wade saved them, he kept them settled here and did not allow them to leave the room in order to avoid leaks, I have likewise stayed in this hotel for so many days, or it was not until this morning when I was called over by Duke Wade's men that I found out that the two of them, mother and daughter, were also here. "

He Yingxiu was even more shocked, "You said that the mother and daughter were also saved by Young Master wade?"

"Mm!" Xion nodded and said, "If it wasn't for Young Master Wade's hand, they would have both been killed by Lord Banks!"

He ......

Ying Xiu nodded thoughtfully and asked her again, "Why did Young Master wade take you to meet them?"

"This ......" Xion hesitated for a moment.

She didn't know if she should tell her mother about her father, Zayne.

If she said it, she was afraid that her mother would be sad and upset.

If she didn't, she felt that it would be irresponsible to her mother.

He Yingxiu could see that Xion was hesitant to speak and hurriedly asked, "Xion, is there anything you want to tell your mother?"

Xion pursed her lips and hesitated for a long time before she said, "Mom, let me tell you something, don't be anxious."

He Yingxiu said, "Go ahead, I'm not anxious and I'm not angry, you're standing in front of me intact, even if the sky is falling, I'm not anxious!

Only then did Xion say, "Dad was also caught by Mr. Wade ......"

"What?" He Yingxiu was completely speechless with shock, her mouth open wide and eyes wide, staring at Xion for a long time before she gathered the courage to ask: "Could it be that Young Master wade he ...... killed your father?"

Xion shook her head: "That's not ......

As for, Dad is still alive ......"

When He Yingxiu heard this, she was slightly relieved.

She did have deep feelings for Zayne.

After all, the best years of her life were almost completely dedicated to Zayne, even her own body was also dedicated to him.

Although she had not seen him again after so many years, the affection in her heart had always been there.

Once she heard that Zayne had fallen into Charlie's hands, what she feared most was that Charlie would simply kill Zayne.

After all, with Charlie's strength, killing a Zayne was as easy as a snap.

Only when she heard that Zayne was still alive did her hanging heart drop. Right.

She then let out a light sigh and said, "Hey ...... no matter what, it's good to still be alive."

After saying that, she asked, "Did your dad get arranged to live here as well?"

"No." Xion said with a bit of embarrassment, "Duke Charlie sent him away ......"

He Yingxiu hurriedly pursued the question, "Sent where?"

Xion pursed her lips and uttered three words, "Syria ......"