Amazing Son-in-law 2770 Charlie wade

  "Didn't the Banks family use purely money to bribe the He family in the past?"

"Then I will change the way today!"

"I will use money as a supplement and medicine as the main method to deeply bind the He Family!"

"Doesn't your He family want to cultivate more experts? Just by relying on your current method, even if we give you ten billion a year, what can we do? Even if you let your clansmen eat ginseng as food every day, what can you do? Using that method of piling up medicinal herbs, no matter what, the effect is definitely not as good as one of my blood dispersal heart saving pills!"

"I believe that the He family will definitely worship the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill as a standard after feeling its efficacy firsthand!"

"At that time, only a few pills need to be given to the He family every year, and I will be able to make the entire He family follow me with a dead heart!"

He Yingxiu still didn't know what Charlie had in mind.

When she saw Charlie pull out two pills and hand them to herself and her daughter respectively, she couldn't help but ask, "Young Master wade, is this medicine for us to take directly?"

"Yes." Charlie nodded and said seriously, "This medicine is made using a special technique, it melts in your mouth, and the medicinal effect is released very quickly, nothing toxic, you can try it now."

Although He Yingxiu didn't know exactly how effective this elixir was, she also phase ......

Believing that Charlie would certainly not harm himself and Xion, she said without hesitation, "Thank you, Young Master wade, then I will try it here!"

After saying that, without hesitation, he put the pill into his mouth.

Xion at the side also did not think much and swallowed the pill as well.

As soon as the pill entered the mouth, both of them were amazed to feel that the pill melted as quickly as ice in hot water after entering the mouth, and then it turned into a warm stream into their bodies.

This is the first time both mother and daughter have tried this feeling, so they naturally feel very new.

Although the blood dispersing and heart saving pills are not as strong as the rejuvenation pills, they are also refined using the method above the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures, and by nature, they are completely different from all the Chinese medicine pills at this stage.

The pills made by other crafts are boiled in the ordinary way, and then the boiled medicinal juice and mud are made into wax pills, so it is relatively difficult to swallow, and after the pills are swallowed into the abdomen, it takes a long time to slowly digest and release the medicinal power.

However, the pill given by Charlie is different.

This pill in the mouth will be turned into a warm stream into the body, and then feel an extremely pure internal force in the body along the body meridians quickly dispersed!

Mother and daughter have never encountered such a powerful and pure internal force, all of a sudden they were a bit caught off guard, or He Yingxiu was the first to come back to her senses ......

She couldn't hold back her inner ecstasy and said, "Xion, the internal energy contained in this elixir is extremely amazing, quickly guide it to run in the dantian, don't waste this great opportunity!"

All martial artists who practiced the internal heart method were basically able to run internal energy in their bodies and knew how to channel it through their meridians and finally sink it into their dantian.

However, the vast majority of martial artists are able to run their internal energy in their bodies, just like collecting dew on top of grass leaves every morning, because the volume is too small, so every drop seems precious to them.

He Yingxiu and Xion have always been the same, daily struggle to run a small amount of internal energy, a little nourishment to improve their own strength, the progress is very slow.

However, Charlie's Blood Dissipation Heart Saving Pill was like a downpour of rain in their bodies, and the surging internal force completely exceeded their perceptions!

He Yingxiu even felt that the He family's most precious qi replenishment pills, in front of Charlie's pill, were simply different from clouds and mud, not worth mentioning at all!

If the internal energy contained in Charlie's elixir was a powerful heavy bomb, then a pair of Qi-supplementing pills in front of it was, at best, just a cannon that even a child dared to hold in his hand and set off.

Even if a thousand or ten thousand pairs of qi-supplementing pills are added together, they cannot be compared with Charlie's pills.