Amazing Son-in-law 2766 Charlie wade

  Just as a stabbing pain ran through her heart, Charlie wade suddenly spoke, "Xion, when I saved you, I didn't expect you to spend your life repaying me, so you don't have to follow me all the time in the future, you can change your face and start a new life with a clean identity."

Xion hurriedly shook her head and said, "Mr. Wade, Xion's current situation, Ruo Li knows it well, without your shelter, Xion is afraid that sooner or later, Xion will still fall into the hands of the Japanese, and by then I am afraid that no one in the world will be able to protect me ......"

At this point, Xion whispered somewhat sadly: "So ...... Xion hopes to stay by your side, on the one hand, to do what I can for you, and on the other hand, I hope to continue to be sheltered by you... ..."

He Yingxiu suddenly realised at this time that her daughter and herself were, in fact, still very different.

Back then, as Zayne's bodyguard, she had been serving Zayne wholeheartedly, and it could even be said that she had dedicated her entire youth to him, and one arm to him as well.

And then she gave birth to Xion for him, which is tantamount to dedicating the rest of her life to him in disguise as well. ......

But what is different about her daughter is that this young master, wade, is her saviour, and if she stays by his side in the future, it is not as if her daughter is devoting herself all the time.

In this way, her life would naturally not be as sad as her own.

So, she also hurriedly said: "Young Master wade, Xion has caused a great disaster in Japan, the Japanese will never let her go easily. After you help her open up the Ren vein, her strength will definitely be considered the best among her peers in the country, and having her by your side will definitely help you solve a lot of problems, so please keep her by your side!"

Charlie actually knew very well in his heart that as long as Xion's body was not found, the Japanese would definitely not give up.

Once Xion's identity was exposed, she would definitely face the scourge of death.

Therefore, staying by her side should be the best outcome for her.

Moreover, Charlie also felt that he did lack some truly powerful assistants by his side.

Although Aurora current strength is not bad, she is still a young girl who is still in school, so she certainly cannot ask her to help her do some fighting and killing.

Therefore, keeping Xion and training her to be a beloved one is also a matter of great practical significance to himself. Xion not only has strength, but when she was in the Banks family, she was able to lead dozens of experts to cause chaos in Japan, which proves that she also has strong leadership abilities, and if she is allowed to step in and train a strong force for herself in the future, it will be of great benefit in the future.

If you decide to leave one day, you can tell me openly and frankly, and I will never force you to stay. But you must remember that until you have officially left, you must not be subservient or take advantage of the situation, do you understand?"

Xion said without hesitation, "Please don't worry, as long as you don't mind, Xion will follow you to the end of her life and will never leave you!