Amazing Son-in-law 2765 Charlie wade

  He Yingxiu had searched for Xion for so long, and although she had been unwilling to give up, deep down she also felt that the chances of finding her daughter were very slim.

She had even accepted the fact that her daughter had been killed, but the core of her mother's love drove her to keep looking because it was her only hope.

During this time, He Yingxiu felt that as long as her daughter was alive, she could accept whatever price she was asked to pay, even if it cost her an injury and paralysis, as long as her daughter was still alive, she would be satisfied.

However, she never dared to dream that not only was her daughter standing in front of her intact, but she had even made a huge breakthrough in her cultivation.

This is like a blessing from a disaster, and a blessing from a disaster that killed her!

The mere fact that the Ren Vessel had become a great success was a height that countless martial arts masters would not dare to reach in their lifetime!

Other than that, the Great Success of the Ren Vessel at least allowed Xion's cultivation to leap forward by five to sixty years from her original cultivation speed.

Even, allowing the previous her to cultivate again ......

Even after 50 to 60 years of training, she might not be able to cultivate the Ren Chakra to its full potential.

How could she, as a mother, not be thrilled that her daughter had received such a blessing?

The one who had saved her daughter's life and made her cultivation soar was the young master of the wade family, so deep down in her heart, He Yingxiu was even willing to use her own life to repay Charlie's great kindness.

When Charlie saw He Yingxiu kneeling in front of him, he was about to go forward to help her when Xion, who was at the side, also hurriedly knelt down next to her mother.

How could she stand when her mother knelt down for herself to her benefactor.

She knelt by her mother's side and choked up, "Sir wade, it is thanks to your kindness that Xion can see her mother again, and from now on, Xion would like to follow your side and to devote herself to you!"

When Xion said these words, she actually had some selfishness in her heart.

She knew that Ye Chen was not the kind of person who would bind her with favours, so she was worried that after Charlie had let herself meet with her mother, she would simply let her mother take her away.

Although Xion missed her mother, wanted to see her and let her know that she was still ......

alive, but she did not want to go back to the He family with her mother.

This was because she wanted more than anything to be able to stay by Charlie's side in the future.

On the one hand, it was indeed to repay her gratitude, while on the other hand, it was simply because she had already fallen in love with him.

Moreover, she also knew very well that an illegitimate daughter like herself was not worthy of Charlie's status, just as her mother He Yingxiu and father Zayne had been back then, and although they had feelings for each other, there was ultimately a division between master and servant, so she hoped that she could stay by Charlie's side just like her mother had stayed by her father's side back then.

That was why she said to Charlie that she was willing to stay by his side and follow him.

When He Yingxiu heard these words, she understood her daughter's choice in her heart.

At this moment, she was struggling a little deep inside.

She did not know what her daughter was thinking.

It was just that she recalled her own sinful relationship with Zayne and the hardship of raising Xion on her own, and she was afraid that Xion would follow in her footsteps in the future.

If she could, she would never want her daughter to end up in the same situation as herself.