Amazing Son-in-law 2763 Charlie wade

  Cameron naturally knew that the person Charlie wade had asked himself to invite was Xion, who had been at Buckingham Palace for a long time.

So, he immediately said respectfully :

Young master, wait for a moment, I will go and invite you now!

Seeing Cameron leave, He Yingxiu was inwardly surprised.

She really could not imagine that she and this young master of the wade family in front of her could have any common acquaintance.

After all, she had met him for the first time today and did not even know exactly what his name was, let alone which line of the Wade family's young master he actually was.

However, she did not ask any more questions, after all, she knew very well that if she waited patiently for a few minutes, the answer would naturally be revealed.

At this moment, Xion was waiting anxiously in her room.

Ever since Charlie had decided to let her meet her mother, she had been waiting for her mother's arrival.

However, Charlie did not communicate with her in real time about the progress of this matter, so she did not know exactly when her mother would arrive in Aurous Hill.

Just as she was thinking about ......

As she was reading, Cameron rang the doorbell outside the door.

Xion rushed to the door and opened it. When she saw Cameron, she couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Cameron, is my mother here?

Cameron nodded slightly and said, "Ms. He has arrived and is now in my office, chatting with the young master, who asked me to invite you over.

The young master asked me to invite you over." Xion instantly became excited and said offhandedly, "Then take me there!

Cameron then said, " Please follow me, Miss Banks.

All the way to Cameron's office, Xion's heart, because of her excitement and thrill, was beating much faster and more frequently than normal.

When she arrived at the door, her whole body was already a bit pressed.

Without waiting for Cameron to open the door for her, Xion pushed the door in impatiently.

As soon as she entered, she saw He Yingxiu sitting on the sofa, and tears rolled down her face as she choked out:"

When He Yingxiu heard the sound of her daughter, her whole body immediately froze on the spot as if she had been struck by lightning.

She subconsciously looked at the sound of the voice, and suddenly found her daughter Xion, whose fate was uncertain and whose fate was unknown, and who had been longing for her, standing in the doorway!

At this moment, she was so excited that she exclaimed, "Xion? It's really you? Is it really you? !

After saying that, she hurriedly ran to Xion's front, lifted her left arm, reached out and touched her face, choking back a sob, "It's really you, Xion, my baby girl.

Xion grabbed her mother's hand and cried, "Mom, you're not dreaming, it's really me.

He Yingxiu at this moment, emotions completely out of control, she took Xion into her arms, crying and said: "Xion, mum looked for you so hard ah mum thought I would never see you again in this life

Xion hugged her mother tightly with both hands and said sadly, "Mom, I also thought I would never have the chance to see you again in my life.

After she finished, she looked at Charlie, who was not far away, and choked up, "Thanks to Mr. Wade's rescue in Tokyo, otherwise, I would have been punished.